How to Balance School Studies with IIT JEE Studies at the Same Time?

Today, most of the students are facing the problem of balancing school studies with IIT JEE studies where these both are equally important to clear out. The students want to score well in school exams as well as in the IIT JEE mains. However, how to come up with the problem of handling the preparation time for both? Hence, this blog is here to serve the tips and the best ways to cater the problem and score well in both studies.

The Current Scenario

From this year, the board marks will not matter for calculating JEE Main ranks, but performing in school studies is equally important along with the preparation of IIT JEE. A good consistent academic score in your school will give you the confidence to feel mentally strong so that you can reach for your IIT goal.

To get admission into IIT colleges, you need to be either within top 20 percentile or secure 75% marks in class 12th board examination. On this basis, how a student should go about the combined preparation of school and IIT JEE? Let us see step by step for students of each class.

When You Are Class 10th Or Below

When at 10th standard, you do not need to focus too much other than the school syllabus. At this time, just enjoy the school time, but most importantly make sure you study hard to understand the concepts and basics ad should be on hold for further studies. It is a practice that every student should adopt from very young age that would help in the best way.

Class 11th Students: Prepare for IIT JEE

Now comes from class 11th onward, it becomes necessary for two-way preparations as—studying as per the school curriculum, and at the same time double efforts for JEE preparation. “Class 11th is crucial for success in IIT JEE.” So, to handle these both different kinds of studies, you can choose for JEE online coaching. Yes, this is the best way that every child can apply for best marks in both the studies.

JEE main free online coaching

Why Should You Join Online Coaching For IIT JEE Mains?

The advent of new technology means change. The advancement in the field of Information technology with the help of new technology has also changed the tools and techniques for studies and communication purposes. Today, many students use online communication tools like emails, live chat, video conferencing, etc. to interact with professors, teachers and experts for preparation of IIT JEE mains. This technology is used in the education sector for faster and peaceful learning purposes through online tuitions and classes for free. Many IIT JEE coaching centers and tutors use IIT-JEE mains online coaching methods to teach students. So, you can also join the free online classes and take out 2 hours to study and practice for IIT JEE. There are several benefits of joining IIT JEE main online coaching that is made understandable for all students below:

Chance to Interact With IITians

Today, in almost all of IIT JEE main online coaching forums, the majority of the faculties are found to be IITians. Therefore, it becomes a great opportunity for the students like you to interact with the top experts. They will be familiar with all type of questions, patterns, queries and shortcuts for JEE exams preparation. Moreover, IIT JEE main online coaching will also help you to ask your doubts regarding the practice for the IIT JEE anytime and every time from the experts.

Easy Accessibility of Study Materials

Another significant benefit of online IIT JEE coaching is that there is always the availability of study materials and online lectures whenever needed. Since such online study materials are prepared by IITians; all of the study materials cover all the essential data required to crack JEE.

You Can Fix IIT Coaching Time and School Study Time Differently

Taking IIT JEE online classes will permit you and other students to schedule the classes according to the convenience so that there is time for studying school syllabus as well. You can fix your class timings and allow taking intervals so that you may feel refreshed throughout the session and prepare for school study materials.

Saves Traveling Time

Moreover, the best thing about taking online classes for IIT JEE preparation is that it saves time to travel to long distances for attending regular coaching classes. By taking off two to three hours for online classes, ample to time is left out for studying school syllabus as well.

Closing Lines

Hence, by attempting for JEE main free online coaching, every student can manage and balance the study time among school curriculum and IIT JEE in much easier way. So, start today for best results and fulfilling the IIT goal.

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