Use WordPress to Build a Searchable Article Directory or Document Library

If you often deal with many documents or articles that you would like your site visitors to have easy access to by reading or downloading, then you’ll find having an article directory or document library a good solution. Finding a WordPress plugin that provides this kind of functionality is not easy as there are few plugins out there that have this capability. Posts Table Pro is one of the few plugins available that provides you with this functionality. It is simple to set up, robust and has convenient features that will make managing your articles or documents easy. It provides a layout that displays your documents or articles in a table format with columns and rows. It provides various functionalities that make it easy for your audience to find the articles they are interested in quickly and either read them online or download them, depending on how you have provided the documents.

Posts Table Pro is different from the default WordPress post layout because it offers more functionality than you’ll find on WordPress. It comes with a search box and sorting capabilities that enable your visitors to sort articles by columns and find articles quickly based on criteria like topics they are interested in, the kind of document, or even the year the document was published. Since your documents are displayed in a table format, Posts Table Pro provides you with the option of allowing your visitors to use whatever column they please to filter the documents. The search feature makes it possible for them to search for an article either in case they know the title of the article they are interested in or even if they only remember a thing or two about it. The filter and sort features are functionalities you won’t easily find in other plugins with similar capabilities.

Posts Table Pro allows you to add each article or document as a normal WordPress blog post, or create a custom post type and use that to create your article directory or a WordPress document library. The plugin gives you options so that you can add documents or articles depending on the workload you have. You may find it easier to create a custom post type during the earlier phases of using the plugin because you are likely to have many articles or documents that you would like to make available to your visitors. This option will be useful for this phase or whenever you are dealing with many articles or documents at once. However, after a while, when you are adding single documents or just a few, the option for adding each article as a normal WordPress blog may make more sense.

Visitors can click on the titles of the articles that have been added to the article directory to either read them directly online or download them. This is a setting you can make with the plugin. There are articles that you may only provide as downloadable links and others you may want to provide online. The plugin gives you the option to go with your preference. Initially, the download link is available in a column of its own in the document library. However, if you want users to download documents immediately when they click on their respective links, you can use the free third-party Page Links To plugin that will enable them to download the documents instantly on clicking their links. Furthermore, you can even provide placeholder images for your articles to make it easier for your visitors to identify the kind of document they are or to draw attention to a particular article.

Posts Table Pro is like a miniature search engine or directory for your articles or documents. This WordPress plugin is particularly useful for institutions or individuals who deal with many documents that they would like to make available to the public. It is robust, easy to set up, and comes with assorted useful features like filter, search, and download options. Its table layout is neat and it enables you to customize your document library or article directory as you please. You will not easily find another plugin online with the same features this one provides.

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