Why You Should Stay In Shaza Al Madina Hotels When You Are On Hajj

Hajj is a major accomplishment to any Muslim. When Americans dream of the American dream, Muslims dream of Hajj; a pilgrimage that takes a Muslim to a higher plane. Once it is accomplished, a Muslim is never the same. Hajj is for every Muslim but not all Muslims have the necessary resources to take the pilgrimage. It requires planning, time, and resources like money to fulfill it. Shaza Al Madina Hotels are the ideal place for pilgrims on Hajj because they have been designed and established specifically for them. Who else will understand better what you are trying to accomplish than your very own Muslims?

Shaza Al Madinah is located just outside the Haram and a few steps away from Al Masjid Al Nabawi, the very Mosque of Muhammed. Madinah is the second holiest city in Islam, after Mecca. It is rich with significant Islamic history mostly concerning Muhammed himself. His family and alternative significant persons from his time were residents of the city. Furthermore, Madinah is the home to the three oldest mosques in the world. Just from those few facts, I bet you already have many questions that you would like answered and now you feel like you must visit this place. Owing to the rich history that Madinah possesses regarding Islam, many hotels have been established to accommodate the number of tourists and pilgrims that frequent the region. However, none of these hotels matches what Shaza Al Madinah has to offer.

Shaza is part of an international alliance of five-star independent hotels called the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA). It is the dominant alliance of independent five-star hotels in the world. The kind of service and treatment you will receive from the Shaza Al Madina is like nothing you have ever experienced. And it all starts the moment you arrive at the airport as this is one of the best hotels in Al Madina

Once you set foot in the city (Madinah), the Shaza Al Madina will have arranged for a personal attendant to pick you up and ensure you get to your room in one peace and relieved from the jet lag from your flight. In the event you brought your own transportation, the hotel offers free parking for its guests. In case of any airline issues or inquiries, they will assist you to ensure you arrive safely and depart in the same status. Shaza Al Madina provides concierge services to ensure that your stay is as smooth as can be. There is also 24-hour In-room dining, a gymnasium, and Shaza Kid’s Club if you brought your little ones with you.

A blend of ancient Arabian architecture and modern architectural designs, Shaza Al Madina is an aesthetically pleasing hotel. The exterior of the hotel stands out but also blends well with the local architecture. The interior contains assorted guest suits and by design they are the emphatic expression of the Arabian generous warmth and Eastern hospitality.

During Hajj, you need food to replenish and sustain your strength until you fulfill your objective. A hotel by Arabs, Shaza Al Madina understands your pilgrimage and will prepare Arabian cuisine meant specifically for you. Arabians have mostly been Muslims for centuries and they understand your journey. They have done it repeatedly as time has given them the opportunity. They are an old culture in this world and their age enables them to show you the way to fulfilling your religious duty. Shaza Al Madina is the ideal place, as the very spirit that has brought you to Hajj established it.

In Madinah, you want to stay in the best place possible. While in Makkah or Madinah during Hajj, you want to stay in hotels that are close to critical places like the Al Masjid Al Nabawi or shopping centers as well as the closest airport to facilitate your journey back home (if you are not a local). Shaza Al Madinah fits all these preferences and more. In a strange land, you want to be at the safest place possible surrounded by friends and family. The Arabians understand your needs better than anyone else as their culture is found on kindness, generosity, loyalty, politeness, and family. At Shaza Al Madinah, you may be away from your family, but you’ll feel at home.

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