Three of the Most Luxurious Destinations in Europe

airplaneTraveling to Europe is always a very special experience. This amazing continent is filled to the brim with history, culture, culinary delights, and truly wonderful people. France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, or Scandinavia are just some of the breath-taking destinations one can visit. For those who are financially well off, here are some of the most exclusive and luxurious places in Europe. So, pack your Gucci bags, put on your designer shoes, and board your private jet … Europe is waiting for you!

First stop: Paris!

Where else would you go, if you have not been to Europe before? And where else rather than in Paris can you go on luxurious shopping tours plus enjoy culture, romance, and fantastic food all at one time? Fortunately, one of the most famous 5* deluxe hotels in the world has just recently reopened its doors: “The Ritz Paris”. After a four-year and multimillion dollar renovation period, this prestigious house welcomes its gusts with 71 luxury rooms and 71 suites, which leave no wish unfulfilled. The Ritz always has been home to the “who is who” from the world of show business, finance, and politics ever since its grand opening in the year 1898. You’ll walk the same halls like once Earnest Hemmingway, relax in the gigantic spa area named after one of its most frequent repeater guest Coco Chanel and dine in the same restaurant as once Princess Diana and her wealthy Fiancé Dodi did just before their tragic accident.


And now that you have found a decent place to stay, it is time to roam this beautiful city. A short visit to the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, and a stroll along the legendary Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Once the sightseeing is ticked off, it is time to part with some of your holiday money and go shopping! It is best to get some advice from local fashionistas, who know their city and pass on their knowledge on the WWW. A great article about some of the #1 shopping areas Paris has to offer can be found on “A luxury travel blog”!

Next stop: Germany!

Visiting Berlin is nice. Going to Hamburg is nicer! This wonderful city in the north of Germany is so much calmer than the country’s bustling capital. It is far more stylish than for instance Germanys financial hotspot Frankfurt in the middle of the country or the rather rural town of Munich in the south. Hamburg is often compared to an old, sophisticated, and very elegant lady.


Many locals lovingly call their home Germanys biggest village. Thanks to its long and turbulent history as the biggest port in the country, Hamburg harmonically unites the colourful buzz of a cosmopolitan city and the laid-back vibe of charming little town. Here, you can rally get to know Germany from its most luxurious side, as Hamburg is home to some of the most exquisite hotels, most amazing restaurants, and fantastic clubs. In fact, Hamburg’s night life is well known for its diversity and its quite sensual flair. This is not only because the “Reeperbahn” is Germany’s most popular red-light district – which has turned into one of the most famous tourist destinations in town.


Hamburg is also home to one of the most prestigious escort agencies in Germany, which provides the ultimate high-class escort service for international VIPs. This page will give you more valuable information about Hamburg. All you need to know on how to arrange a date with one of these eloquent ladies and what to expect from the rendezvous can also be found on the website of the agency.

If you are planning to travel to Hamburg in the summer of 2017, you should book a suite in Hamburg’s newest luxury hotel: The Fontenay Hamburg! After more than 19 years, this unique house will once again open its doors to the lucky few, who can afford to stay in this amazing place. If you would like to get a first glimpse of all the luxurious amenities the Fontenay has in store, you should check out the hotel website.

Last Stop: Norway!

Yes … all the way up north! If you look at this fantastic land with its picturesque fjords, rural little towns and its apparently endless landscape covered with woods, rough rocks, and water, you might wonder why Norway found its way into this article. Well, to begin with, Norway is considered one of the top countries with the highest living quality on our planet.


Norway is a rich country and this reflects in the amazing things that you can do and enjoy here. If you want to embark on a truly unique adventure, book a room in one of the upscale ice hotels. Now there’s an experience! Take the wonderful Kirkenes Snowhotel as an example. Here you can choose between spending the night in an igloo-like snow suite or relax in one of their very cosy wooden guest rooms. Enjoy an ice cold long drink out of ice glasses by the ice bar. Venture out on a guided husky trip, witness the dance of the northern lights in a crystal-clear and star filled night sky. And once you have had enough of becoming one with nature, the capital of Norway – the city of Oslo – awaits you with some of the world best restaurants, great luxury hotels and basically everything you can wish for your luxury trip through Europe.


To sum things up: These are only three out of countless destinations, this fantastic continent offers! Go down south to Spain and Portugal, visit Rome or venture to the border of the orient and gaze at the wonders Eastern Europe holds in store. For those of you who like to have things perfectly arranged, luxury travel agents – like the US-American company “Abercrombie & Kent” – will create for you exactly the journey to Europe or any other worldwide destination you have always dreamt of.

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