The Untamed Beauty of Tara Canyon: Pursuing the True Adventure

When talking about Tara mountain, one must also mention the biggest canyon in Europe (second biggest in the world), and the stunning clarity of its drinkable river-water. Tara rafting is perhaps the only way to experience Tara in just a few days, since amazing sights are only accessible by water. Imagine steep slopes of the canyon, made entirely out of white rock with wild bushes growing up to 1300 meters high.

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Our Grand Jewel – Rocky Tara Canyon

River Tara has the biggest canyon in Europe, up to 1300 meters deep. It is also the second biggest canyon in the world, after famous muddy-watered Colorado canyon. The only way to fully experience Canyon Tara is by a raft that goes along 149 km of the canyon.

The river side of Tara looks like a rainforest, full of endemic wildlife and vegetation. The river is known for its pure water, safe to drink for the entire length of the canyon. The water portrays stunning shades of blue, and, on top, you can actually see the bottom of the river. Here, everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be – preserved! Perhaps, it’s the reason Tara is known as the “Tear of Europe”.


The Untouched Nature

Outside the rocky canyon, river is surrounded by tick vegetation of oak and beech tree forests that give the impression of actually Amazon rain forest, only without the huge snakes and other dangers lurking around. There are plenty of endemic species of plants, dating back from the ice-age. Also, you may run into Black pine trees up to 400 years old.

The water has an alluring see-color, and it is perfectly drinkable along the entire length of the canyon (around 150 km). The air is filled with freshness and the scent of wilderness that tourists just can’t get enough of.

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Tara Rafting – What you will see

Following the river and its untamed will, you are bound to see Tara from up close. The rafting tours usually start from Djurdjevica Tare which is a place with a huge bridge built over the Tara canyon, and the height of the canyon is for the most part around 1 thousand meters. So the bridge may look like connecting clouds from the viewpoint of the river.

The final part of the river is bound to give you an adrenaline rush since it has a lot of rapids and waterfalls. This is the wildest part of the river, making this rafting trip a hell of a fun.

Particularly a place called Bailovića šige is known for having thousands of tiny waterfalls surrounding you from both sides of the river. There are also big waterfalls, unexplored caves, and numerous wellsprings here. It makes a sort of an auditory experience hearing water gurgling and rippling all around you.

Also, an interesting place, called the Laza’s stone, is the narrowest part of the canyon with only a couple of meters separating the land on both sides. It was named after a guy called Lazar (nicknamed Laza, which is a custom in Balkans) who lost a bet to his friends and had to jump over from one side to the other. I am not sure if he really made it, but the story does say that Lazar couldn’t swim.

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Other things to know about Tara rafting

Since, rafting here does take on a few days of your time, you are going to need a place to stay over night. Good thing is that they have lovely camps which they have built in most amazing sights along the way. Here you can have the opportunity to hang out with other tourists. Nights can be a lot of fun around here, with people gathering around fire and playing guitars.

To sum it all up, rafting through the Tara canyon, this jewel of preserved nature is also known as “The tear of Europe”. So if you want to have experience in Montenegro canyoning start your adventure here. It is the best blend of rest and adrenaline you can imagine. It also gives you an opportunity of reconnecting with nature and wilderness. Such surrounding makes people more friendly and has such a revitalizing power over you mind and your body. Tara rafting can be shortly described as rocky heights, vigorous river, pure water, waterfalls, camping, adrenaline, and fun! I highly recommend you try it out !

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