Best Camping Activities and Ideas

Camping! The perfect way to run from the city and to truly relax and connect with nature. Leisure time in nature will bring peace and health to you, be it that you are alone or with your camping buddies. Being in nature is good on its own, and before we dwell into some of the fun things, we want to emphasize how important it is to take care of the surroundings you’re going to be in, and you and your camping pals should strive to leave the smallest footprint possible.

With that, let us start.

Card games and board games are perfect for camping. Easy to carry and not heavy in your backpack, they can provide fun for hours. Everything from Quiddler to Uno and everything in between, cards are the ideal time spender with your camping gang. You could even play them alone! We do suggest bringing them in a plastic bag so that you can protect them from the elements. A camping table for the board games should be on your essential camping gear lists anyhow, so use that!

Board & Card Games plus Fireplace Activities

Other games that don’t require pieces or cards can also be super fun. Charades are perfect for this occasion and will surely be a hit in your little adventure company!

The campfire can be a magical place, and the sunsets spent around it will surely be a long remembered memory! Singing campfire songs, sharing stories and experiences, as well as telling spooky stories, are a must-try! If someone knows how to play the guitar or the mouth harmonica, that is the perfect time for that!

Nature Activities

Besides this, we have the following suggestions about how you should explore your surroundings. Animal or bird watching, if you have a chance to do that, is a great way to spend time. Be sure to bring binoculars so you can be on a safe distance! Collecting leaves, pine cones, or exciting rocks can be fun as a family activity. Foraging can be fun, but be sure that you or your loved ones don’t eat just anything that you find in the woods. Some forest food can look very similar to the store counterparts, but they may not be safe to eat!

Keeping a photo journal is a great way to really save those camping memories. Printing out images and having the diary entries in a scrapbook can also be a great idea!

Sports Activities

With the open space, you can play all sorts of games! Some of our favorites are Frisbee, golf, corn hole soccer, football etc. Games like hide and seek, tag, or capture the flag can also be super exciting. Scavenger hunts where you and your camping crew could look for specific items in nature are also a good idea. Especially for children, this can be a good learning experience. If you want to include technology, you could do a photo scavenger hunt, where the players need to take pictures of specific things and animals. Hiking is, of course, a no brainer in any camping scenario! But be sure that you are prepared and that your hiking backpack has all the items needed!

In the end, we want to leave one of the most rewarding activities, in our opinion! Stargazing! Learning the difference between planets and constellations, checking out stars, and enjoying the night sky is a must when camping!

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