The Best Ways To Enjoy The Bible On Audio And Book Format

The Bible is one of the greatest books ever written, containing thousands of pages of wisdom, history, insight, and the Word of God himself. After thousands of years in print, it still remains one of the top-selling books in the world, and its message rings loud and true through the halls of time into the present day. With the advancement of technology, enjoying the Bible and its many messages has never been easier—or more satisfying.

Not everyone wants to read the archaic language in the Bible or try to decipher the messages, which is why things like audiobooks and podcasts are so great. Others have lost their sight or simply can’t read as well as they used to, but technology is here to help. Here are the best ways to enjoy the Bible on audio and in book format.

James Earl Jones Audio Bible

It would be nothing short of a crime to not include the James Earl Jones Audio Bible. James Earl Jones reads the New Testament with the skill of a seasoned actor, and with a career in film that stretched back decades, it’s no wonder he’s known as one of the best in the business. You might recognize his voice as that of Darth Vader in Disney’s Star Wars, but he’s been in several other productions throughout the years.

Jones brings his own flavor to the Bible, lending his acting talents to every character and scene to make them come alive in a way you’ve never heard before. You’ll be transported to another time, experiencing the King James version of the New Testament. You’ll stand next to Christ as he’s tempted in the desert and later crucified for our sins. You’ll be there at the Nativity, watching the birth of Jesus himself. Jones truly does an excellent job of creating the most immersive Bible experience.

This version is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to just listen to a monotone voice reading. The production also includes a full score, so you’ll feel like you’re in a movie yourself.

KJV Holy Bible, Bound In Leather

While there are literally thousands of printed Bible versions out there, some just stand out for their beauty and practicality. Like this KJV Holy Bible from Amazon, which is bound in supple leather and simply looks divine. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift Bible or something for your own shelves, you won’t want to miss this edition.

Ok, so maybe it’s not real leather, but it’s a sturdy leather-like material made by hand in Italy. With detail so intricate you’ll swear it was angelic, a verse finder, and the words of Christ highlighted in red, this is the ultimate Bible experience in book format.

It’s one thing to simply buy a Bible, but Bibles with verse finders and other tools are on another level entirely. Don’t squander your money on a standard version when you can have the ultimate Biblical tool at your fingertips. There’s a reason it’s one of the top-selling Amazon Bibles.

The Words Of Promise Audio Bible

The Bible certainly deserved this full audio production. As one of the greatest books ever written, it’s nice to see a production come about that includes talented actors and actresses, a beautiful score, and an experience all its own. With actors such as Richard Dreyfuss at the helm, the Words of Promise experience is something every Christian must participate in. Nothing is held back, and the multi-million dollar production has been drawing new listeners for years now.

Released in 2009, the version has sold millions of copies, despite being around 98 hours long and the CD version containing over 70 individual discs. Luckily, you’re not limited to the disc version anymore, and the audio Bible is available for streaming on certain sites.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind experience with a full cast, score, and production value to rival even the most advanced movies of our time. This is how the Bible should be experienced.

The New Oxford Annotated Bible

An unparalleled publication for anyone looking to study the deeper mysteries of the Bible in full detail, this annotated Bible has been a favorite among scholars, theologians, and general readers for nearly 50 years. It’s still considered one of the best annotated versions for its detail and accuracy.

With introductions, timelines, thousands of notes and references, and more, this is truly the ultimate Bible study experience. The best part is that you can buy or rent it only for less than $30 in some cases. If you want a brand new copy, you’re probably looking at about $33-$35. The Bible is available on Amazon and other online retailers, and remains one of the best-selling Bible copies in the world. Get yours today and take your learning to the next level!

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