Where Live the Most Attractive Men in the World in 2015

Argentine have the reputation of being the most beautiful women in the world ever (and we love it!), But little has been said about men. The well-known tourist publication Traveler’s Digest made a 2015 list of the cities where men are more attractive and, of course, Argentines appear in the fifth position.

This is the complete list:

1 – Stockholm (Sweden)

markus schenkenberg

They are usually stereotyped as emotionally distant men, but are aesthetically pleasing due to their fine-boned Nordic attributes and exceptional height. The average man in Stockholm is always impeccably dressed and easily delivered to the good life, enjoying from food, to fashion, and national culture.

2 – New York (United States)


It is the most exciting city on the planet, some say. But is multiculturalism why you will find a long list of attractive men who have come to seek fame and fortune.

3 – Amsterdam (Netherlands)


This city is full of amazing men. Higher than the European average, these guys dressed impeccably and like to be gentlemen. They are very nice and great conversationalists. They are somewhat reserved but with all the wit to create a romantic evening for their beloved.

4 – Lisbon (Portugal)


They tend to be worldly, well-educated and full of pride for their country. They are tall, athletic and charismatic who often surprised with the understanding of their own culture and that of other nations. They appreciate people who like to improvise and are seductive.

5 – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

tao caino

Sexy, sensual, that’s described the tango; and it could be used to categorize the men of this place too. This country is world’s most renowned for being the home of sexy and sensual characters (both men and women). The Argentine boys are described as interested in sports, cultivated, complicated but lovely. A companion that will keep you enthralled from dusk until dawn.

6 – Sydney (Australia)


The men here are funny, loving, intelligent, clever, and strong – also known for their versatility in finding emotions. The accent is interesting for many women … You’ll have to listen.

7 – Madrid (Spain)


They are known as “Latin Lovers”, because they are smart, sexy and romantic. Ofcourse they will seduce you with their modern and sophisticated charm. You will be made aware of their passion for life.

8 – Berlin (Germany)

thore scholermann

One of the most culturally diverse cities in Europe. Here men tend to be intellectuals, with unwavering passion for knowledge and a spirit of adventure. Enjoying to entertain women with pleasant conversations. German man is characterized by his intelligence, originality and good look.

9 – Milan (Italy)


One of the most “fashionistas” (fashion) cities in the world, which also features some of the most impressive men; golden skin and very flirtatious.

10 – Tel Aviv (Israel)

beautiful istaeli man

With close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, this place has an important contemporary cultural scene and therefore has become a world trend. On the beach during the day or night dive, local beauties take advantage of what the city has to offer.


  1. You’ve missed the Lithuanian and the other Baltic men and women.

  2. There are good looking men everywhere in the world, but my preference, the most handsome men are Scandinavian men.

    The condition of the handsomeness is a outline of the face, the form of eyes、and the nose which went of the ridge of the nose.

    Generally, Scandinavian men cleared these condition.

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