How Cacti Can Live without Water

organ_pipe_cactus_arizonaPlants and animals living in the desert have to deal with the lack of water. And if they can not find an answer to this question, they can not survive.

Cacti do not live without water, but they manage to survive long periods in a remarkable way, with no rain. Plants growing in normal environmental conditions usually waste large amounts of water. Extra water evaporates.

Cacti survive because they have no leaves. Their tails are formed in such a way that their surface is barely exposed to the direct rays of the sun. Thus, moisture is not lost at all. In addition, cacti tails are thick and can store water.

Cacti have a thick layer of membrane that adds to water retention. The thorns of these plants defend them from any thirsty animals that can hurt them and drink from their water reserves. The large cacti can live more than two years without water.

Cacti are normal plants that produce flowers and fruits with seeds. Their flowers are lovely and a flowery desert would be colored in bright yellow, red, and purple.

Over 1,000 species of cacti have been discovered so far. There are plants from South and Central America, Mexico, and the southwestern United States. The types of cactus vary from small thorns raised above the ground, to the big “saguaro” plant which is a symbol of Arizona. This cactus can reach 10 to 20 meters high.

The cactus syrup inside the trunks can be converted into drugs and fermented beverages. In fact, the harsh tails and fruits of these plants can be industrially converted into delicious candies and reservatives. Many small cacti species are also used as houseplants.

When planted in pots, they need good sanitation. Cacti can be watered every four days during the summer time and once every two weeks in winter.

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