Which Are the Most Common Types of Car Accidents?

A car accident rarely leaves the occupants without injuries. The most important thing to do after such an incident is to get compensated for the injuries sustained. The level of injury and the type of accident will determine the levels of compensation.

According to research, nearly one in five crashes, or eighteen percent of all car crashes in which someone was injured involved distracted driving which should be good reason for you not to be fiddling on your phone while driving. That involves texting, sending snaps, taking selfies, not to mention playing games. In fact, Pokemon Go has been causing an increasing number of car accidents. Thus, be sure to always stay alert, concentrate on the road and of course always wear your seatbelt!


Here, we deal with the major types of car accidents. The list is an exhaustive one since the major types of accidents are all covered. While there are accidents that are likely tonight owing to the type of accident, any type of injury can occur no matter the accident in question. The medical practitioner will determine the types of injuries sustained in each case.

Side-Impact Collisions

Side impact collisions are when the side of the car is hit either by a moving car or a stationary object. They are usually very fatal especially when it occurs at a high speed. The car that rams into the side of the other is often on the wrong or as stipulated by the law. However, it is not all black and white as it sounds as there are many factors that contribute to the occurrence of the accident. Given that most roads have cars moving either in a single direction or in opposite directions, it is a rare type of accident this one. It often occurs in roundabouts or other crossroad situations.

Rear-End Collisions

These ones occur when a car hits another one from behind. In most cases, the car behind is at fault for having accelerated too fast, not paid attention to the distance of the car ahead, or not keeping a safe distance from the car in front of it. The car in front may also be at fault if it had started reversing without prior warning like through a light or sound. Rear-end collisions are rarely fatal in nature unless the car hit was mangled up.

Sideswipe Collisions

For sideswipe collisions, the two cars brush against each other on the sides. They can be going in the same direction or opposite directions. In most cases, it is a minor accident which only damages the paint of the car. If one had a limb outside, however, it may be chopped off. The damage done will also depend on the speed at which they were moving when the accident occurred. For this one, the focus is on who was on the wrong side of the road. Also, why were they away from their lanes? We’re they simply negligent or they were evading a worse accident?

Head-on Collision

Two cars hit each other on the front sides often leading to the fatal injury of the parties at the front the car. In most cases, this leads to the loss of limbs and other aspects. Compensation will be to be party that was on the right side of the road unless other factors were at play (like one party evading a worse accident). The severity of the accident will depend on various aspects one of which is the relative speed of the cars involved in the accident. It also depends on the relative sizes between the cars. If saloon car hits another car of its own size, the accident will not be as severe a truck hitting a small car. Out of all types of car accidents, the head-on collision one is one of the most dangerous as it inflicts the most severe injuries.

Vehicle Rollover

These occur when a car negotiates a corner at a high speed then flips over. SUVs have a higher chance of flipping over than other cars as they have a higher center of gravity. According to the make of the car and the reasons for rolling over, the Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer will help you get compensated as needed. The conditions of the road also determine if the car will roll or not. Each vehicle has a safe limit of speed within which it should keep to avoid rolling over. If the offender went outside these limits, they will be liable to certain amounts of charges for negligence.

Multi-Vehicle Pile-Ups

This type of accident occurs when cars, especially on a highway, ram into one another in a series of collisions. It is one of the top fatal accidents owing to the fact that the cars are at very high speeds and keep on hitting on the often stationery cars. While it is hard finding who is at fault in such types of accidents, the focus is placed what exactly started the original accident before the other cars piled up. Most of the cars involved in the accident on a secondary level will be exempt from liability.

Single car accident

For this one, a single car would hit a stationary object such as a pole or other object. It is not enough due to having a negligent driver or the car losing control. In most cases, the occupants are injured. In others, pedestrians are also injured.


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