Top 5 Fiverr Alternatives

For years now people have been using Fiverr as a great place to both buy and sell services for an affordable price. Fiverr is one of the most popular sites of its type in the world but it is by no means the only one. Many people find that Fiverr is not right for them for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people do not like the quality of work they are able to obtain on Fiverr while others feel that the payment system is somewhat inflexible.

This article presents a rundown of some great Fiverr alternatives which are similar in nature but offer slightly different benefits or features. Each site will be explored in terms of the range of services that it offers and any features that stand out or are otherwise noteworthy.

Task Army

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Task Army is far lesser known than Fiverr but this is actually one of its strengths. Due to its smaller profile the site is far more selective about the range of services it offers and the people who provide them. Anyone who wishes to offer services through Task Army has to submit a sample of their work in advance and be manually approved by the site. This ensures that there is an element of quality control which is lacking at Fiverr. Some of the best service providers to use Task Army for include web developers and designers, creative graphics professionals and copywriters. Prices are clearly listed alongside reviews and recommendations to ensure that work is both affordable and of good quality.

SEO Clerks

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SEO Clerks has a narrower focus than Fiverr insofar as it is specifically set up to cater to the needs of internet marketers, blog and website owners and other similar individuals looking to make money online. As such it offers a range of services such as article and ebook writing, blog reviews and social media promotion that may be of use to an internet marketer.

One of the coolest features about SEO Clerks is the ability to trade services rather than simply attain them via a monetary purchase. For example, an article writer could exchange work with a web developer. This barter economy is great for individuals who would rather offer services than cash.

Gig Bucks

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In terms of the range of services on offer Gig Bucks is very similar to Fiverr. It offers run of the mill internet business services such as graphic design, article writing and so forth as well as more eclectic and quirky offerings. The advantage it offers over Fiverr is that it allows a wide range of pricing options for services, up to and including $50.

It also allows service providers to receive payment via the method of credit card. The quality is roughly on a par with Fiverr and there are generally slightly less workers in each category. The reason to choose this particular Fiverr alternative is due to its flexibility on payments.


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ZJobs has a somewhat cluttered layout but if users are prepared to look past that then they will find an incredibly diverse range of services on offer. The site offers a complete range of technical services such as website design, programming etc as well as advertising and promotional service providers.

There is also a section dedicated to both white and black hat link building opportunities. This distinction ensures buyers can behave according to their own ethical stance. ZJobs also offers a full range of social media promotional services including newer platforms such as Pinterest. There is a wide range of prices on offer which means that some services can be purchased for as little as a dollar.


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Despite the title and concept being derivative of Fiverr, Fourerr does have quite a lot to offer. It is definitely positioned on the less serious side of the spectrum. It has many quirky offerings as well as expected services such as writing, graphic design etc. Many services are priced at $4 which is where the name of the site comes from.

There are also more expensively priced services although the vast majority exist at the lower end of the spectrum. Many of the offerings on the site are fun or bizarre such as people recording silly messages or taking custom, fun photos.

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