Dedicated Server: Advantages over Other Hosting Options

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a computer equipment whose use is entirely intended for a single client, who enjoys all the physical resources of the machine: RAM, storage and computing power. In the universe of cloud computing, we also call this type of solution “bare metal“. Unlike virtual servers, which allocate a portion of the resources to the operation of their virtualization technology, there is no layer on the dedicated server, when it comes to machine resources consumption.

What dedicated server to choose?

The different configurations of dedicated hosting are designed to meet the needs of professionals. Thus, depending on the use, you can opt for a configuration with more RAM, more storage space or a processor with greater computing power. On the other hand, the different ranges of dedicated servers differ in their bandwidth capacity and the services they include. Some of these services offer the specific anti-DDoS protection for gaming, the private network (vRack) of up to 10 Gbit/s sped that allows you to connect the dedicated server to the rest of your infrastructure, and hardware RAID. You just have to choose the most appropriate dedicated server based on your needs.

Cloud, shared hosting or dedicated server?

A dedicated server differs from a cloud hosting in two fundamental aspects. First, the gross performance of the machine is not the same, since the dedicated server does not have any virtualization layer installed, that consumes resources. Secondly, the level of administration of the server is also different, since in a dedicated server the user has control: from the configuration of the machine to the hosted data and security. For that reason, a dedicated server offers the possibility of performing a more advanced installation – something indispensable, for example, for some business management applications. The total freedom of use they offer is the main advantage of dedicated servers. If on the contrary, you prefer to forget about technical issues and rather focus on your project, Public Cloud instances are the best option. And if you only need to host a website, then shared plans offer you hosting at the lowest price. There is no need for dedicated hosting in such circumstances

What is a dedicated server for?

The possible uses of a dedicated server are endless: big data, machine learning, web site, and application hosting, storage and backup, infrastructure virtualization, server clusters, business management applications (CRM and ERP), online games hosting, etc. That is why usually companies offer a wide range of dedicated servers that meet different needs. In addition, reputed companies have commercial and technical teams will advise you on your project and help you choose the most suitable server.

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