How my personality can help me to cope with the quarantine

It is always great to discover more about oneself. Just the way there is no end to learning,
the road to self-discovery and self-awareness never ends. Life opens various experiences
and our personality has a major role to play in determining how we respond, react to, and
deal with different life situations. One of the main reasons why discovering one’s personality
is important is due to discovering and rediscovering ourselves, which includes measures for
self-improvement by realizing your strengths and weaknesses.

The lockdown has left many people around the world feeling stressed and anxious. While
several people are worried about depleting resources, a few are depressed about limited
social interactions. Some are bothered are upset about staying locked up at home since
implementing lockdown measures in different parts of the world. To know what type of
personality you have and how it can help you to cope with the quarantine you can check
personality tests online. Many free online tests can help you to know yourself better. The
most popular personality test is the Big Five Aspect Scale, or the Big 5 Traits, which
commonly go by the acronym OCEAN. Openness (O), Conscientiousness (C), Extraversion
(E), Agreeableness (A), and Neuroticism (N) are five traits that define one’s personality, and
the degree of each trait in one’s personality can help understand how an individual may cope
with the quarantine.

Openness – When openness is your biggest behavioral trait, it means that you're’ likely
open to new experiences and view things from different and unique perspectives. The trait of
openness allows one to adopt an abstract view of things and situations, allowing them to
soak in new experiences and knowledge in life. As the trait displays preferences of
individuals ver creativity, imagination, and intelligence, such individuals are hardly affected
negatively with changes or disruptions in life. The trait allows people to welcome and adapt
to quarantine measures like social distancing and isolation easily, without affecting one’s
mental health and emotional state of mind. You can utilize this time to improve or build skills,
develop your knowledge base, and start reading to get a taste of the abstract experiences
that you like.

Conscientiousness- Conscientiousness is a trait that defines personalities that are
ambitious and require order and discipline in life. Conscientious individuals are industrious
with a high work drive and will expect orderliness even during the time of quarantine. Those
who are conscientious can cope with the quarantine in various ways, such as color-coding
your wardrobe and rearranging them, arrange your household items, do a thorough cleaning
of your home, etc.

Extraversion- Extraverted individuals are extremely enthusiastic and assertive, making
them interactive and outgoing by nature. While they are open to new experiences and don’t
mind trying new things, extraverted individuals may find themselves low on energy during
the quarantine period. Extremely extraverted individuals may be drawn to things that are
limited and scare. For example, depleting resources or shortage of toilet rolls may affect
extraverted individuals as they will be the most attracted to things that are scarce and
limited. Because extraverts are always on the lookout for new experiences, they are always
on the lookout for things they can’t have.

Agreeableness- Agreeableness is the trait of politeness and compassion in individuals.Highly agreeable people may understand why there is a shortage of resources around them.
However, there are high chances of disagreeable individuals fighting over resources and
items at the supermarket as they tend to be more dominant and competitive than others.
Disagreeable individuals are also likely to keep fighting till the last for the last remaining
resources and may also turn violent if they don’t get what they want.

Neuroticism-Individuals with high levels of neuroticism are very susceptible to negative
emotions and may experience depression, withdrawal, and volatility in uncertain and
complex situations. The effects of quarantine are drastic for neurotic individuals who suffer
from feelings of social withdrawal and/or depression. Neurotic people who already
experience feelings of social withdrawal are likely to remain unaffected due to the

Different people respond differently to situations, and it is their personalities that bring out
such differences. Our responses and abilities to deal with complex and difficult situations are
a result of personal traits that determine what our biggest and strongest personality trait is.

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