Seven New Year Resolutions for Men

New Year Resolutions are promises that almost everyone makes. They have acquired a negative connotation because promises are often made with great fanfare, but are respected far too little to matter.

As long as the intention prevails, here are some New Year resolutions for men.

I will love my wife even more

I will love my wife

If your wife is the mother of your children, show her extra affection. Make time for her, listen to her, woo her, show her how much you appreciate and respect. Children will be more cooperative and will feel more secure.

I will spend quality time with my family


The family needs quality but also quantity. It takes time to build healthy relationships with your wife and with your children. Discuss and make plans together, have fun together, inspire your children with the real values of a family. Building beautiful memories together is the key to happy relationships.

I will be a more disciplined father


Children need consistency, especially when it comes to discipline. Otherwise, they can be confused. A rule is not meant to change suddenly because in such conditions children do not know how they should act. Parents who are consistent with the discipline can give their children a safe environment for a harmonious development and a relationship based on mutual trust.

I will teach my children the language of love


Everyone loves differently and express their love differently. Also, the need for affection is different. If you know your children well enough, you also know how to behave with each other; so show them that you love them.

I will develop myself as a man and as a father


Not only is professional development an important aspect, it also must go hand-in-hand with the personal development as a man and as a father. Maybe you will not receive a certificate of “good father”, but do not miss any opportunity to make you a better man, more at peace with yourself. Learn to meditate. Meditation will help you focus and strengthen your emotions and feelings, and change your attitude towards the loved ones.

I will not fight for power


For men, when they have to argue with their children proves very frustrating. But these situations are not beneficial for either side. For the whole family to have won is ideal not to engage in the “struggle for power” but to solve problems quickly and calmly.

I will eat healthily and do more exercise


Not only are you going to be more fit, but you will also give your children a good example to follow.

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