7 Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Dress Nicely

Whether they simply don’t care or they’re into the grunge fashion scene, convincing kids to dress nicely can be difficult for parents. There are some instances when a child should wear clothing that’s more fitting to the occasion, including dinner with their grandparents, a wedding or a Sunday trip to church. Instead of turning these outings into a battleground, try the following tips to encourage your child to choose something nice without the fight.

Give Them Choices

Children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, tend to put up some resistance if they feel like they’re being forced to dress a certain way. All isn’t lost, however. One of the best tips for dressing kids nicely is to give them some choices. Offer a few outfits that you will be happy with and then put the ball in their court, in terms of choosing which one they will wear. This little bit of power ensures that your child is dressed nicely but isn’t angry about it. Make sure that they are comfortable with the clothing they choose. When they make their choice, you should also compliment them to start boosting their self-confidence.

Allow for Preferences

A cute outfit for kids can look different, based on their preferences. Perhaps your child loves a certain color or type of material. They may also have their preferred design based on their favorite characters. Make sure that you pay attention to these details. Consider this when helping them choose a nice outfit for a special occasion or a day out. Maybe your son will be willing to wear a collared shirt if it comes in their favorite color. Maybe your daughter will put on a dress if it’s made from soft cotton over scratchy polyester.

Shop Together

Shopping for clothes together gives you both the chance to share your input. This is especially helpful when you’re dressing a teenager who might be able to shop on their own. If you want them to choose an outfit for a specific occasion, make the trip to the mall together so that you both have your say and you’re both happy when the outfit is chosen, and you go home.

Avoid a Power Struggle

Instead of trying to take your child’s power over clothing away from them, try to be a bit laid back about it. Talk to your child about why you’re asking them to dress a certain way and why it’s important for where you’re going. Instead of telling them they have to wear something nice, ask them to consider choosing something appropriate for the occasion. For younger kids, you have the freedom to exert your parenting power a bit more, but for tweens and teens, you may notice that they are more agreeable to wearing something they wouldn’t normally choose, simply because you asked them, instead of told them.

Offer Advice

If kids are used to a certain way of dressing and it’s a habit to throw on the same thing all the time, they might need some guidance when it comes to choosing something nicer. Give your child some suggestions based on what’s in their closet or take them shopping and offer suggestions on what someone else their age might wear to a given event or occasion. This little bit of information might be all it takes to encourage your child to wear something nice.

Be Willing to Compromise

What looks nice to you might not be the same as what looks nice to your child. You want to allow your child to show their personality through their clothing and let them be themselves, so you might need to compromise on an outfit that is deemed nice. Perhaps this means asking for a blouse or collared shirt but allow your child to wear it with jeans.

Try Online Shopping

Online shopping is a great way to do this and with so many great deals out there, everyone should be happy. There are many voucher codes and online coupons that can help you save money on the items your child is willing to wear. A coupon code prevents you from having to battle it out at the store and gives your child the time they need to browse and choose something they really want to wear. For some really great deals, check out this H&M coupon code and look for other voucher codes at your child’s favorite stores.

Dressing nicely doesn’t have to be terrible and if you make it something enjoyable, chances are your child will be more receptive to wearing something nice when you’re out and about together.

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