Useful Tips to Look Great in a T-shirt

Today I am going to talk about t-shirts, in particular, I am going to give you five tips so that you can look great every time you wear a t-shirt. Though t-shirts are not right for a number of men, I feel it is a trend that is a bit overplayed. When you look in some guys’ wardrobe, it’s nothing but t-shirts. There are a lot of other things they can use to cover their upper torso and look great. However, for those guys who live in parts of the world where t-shirts are popular, I decided to write this article, so they can read and look great when they are wearing a t-shirt.


1. Wear a t-shirt when appropriate

The t-shirt is always casual. Does not matter if you spent $200 on that t-shirt and it might look great on you, if you wear it to the wrong occasion or to an event in which they have a dress code such as a wedding, you’ll look like a fool because you are not showing respect to the bride and the groom, and you are not dressing appropriately.

If you are out in Vegas and you want to go to a club on Saturday night, you’re going probably want not to wear a t-shirt. Most of these clubs get a little bit higher dress code, and they will reject you.

If you are going out to see maybe the sites in Washington DC outside in the summer, yes, perhaps a t-shirt is going to be an excellent choice.

So, always pay attention the t-shirt be appropriate to the occasion you plan to wear it.


2. Make sure you have the right body for a t-shirt

A t-shirt is not going to do any favors if you get extra weight on the midsection or if you have really thin arms for example. A t-shirt is not going to hide that; it is not going to make your arms look any bigger.

Certain body types are going to look great in a t-shirt. If you take care of yourself, go to the gym, you are young, you are in an excellent shape, you have a chest that is larger than your midsection, then you can probably pull off a t-shirt.

3. Nail the fit

You don’t want to do alterations on your brand-new t-shirt. Make sure when you buy it, it actually fits you. These are the key areas you have to look at:

– Shoulders. Make sure the shoulder point is actually at your shoulder level. If it starts to go down, then you realize you are wearing a t-shirt that is too big.

– Chest area. You should have anywhere about half an inch up to two inches. Up to two inches, you might be probably a big guy, and you like it a bit loose. But beyond that, if you are a relatively small guy, you don’t want two inches, you want half an inch there, so the t-shirt actually fits your body.

One of the issue with t-shirts is the draw. Many of them have a straight draw. For many of us who want to look great in a t-shirt, you must make sure that the chest area is a little bit bigger than the waist. So it’s going to be that V shape.

– Sleeve line. The t-shirt must respect the rule of thirds: the sleeve be one-third from the shoulder, and two-thirds above the elbow.

– The line. When you rise your hands, the t-shirt must still cover your abdomen, and the belly shouldn’t show up. It means a t-shirt fits pretty well and looks great on you. Also, make sure a t-shirt never goes below your crotch area. Never, unless it features a specific style actually requiring it to be longer.

– The neck area. A t-shirt must fit closely to the neck. V-necks are great for muscle guys to show up part of their chests and give a nice masculine shape. Avoid those really deep v-necks that is something not going to look great on any man.

4. Get the right fabric

You want to make sure your t-shirt is not see-through. That is an undershirt. Don’t try to wear an undershirt as another garment; that’s an underware.

When you go to a t-shirt store and hold up your t-shirt to the light, you must not see through it. For this reason, cotton is a great fabric as it is tight enough and it won’t allow light to go through.

When you choose a synthetic fabric, make sure it does not look too casual.

Let’s talk a bit about colors. White is a classy and one of the most casual colors for a t-shirt. On the other hand, dark color t-shirts are a bit more forgiving, particularly if you have a little bit weight around the midsection. Dark colors create a monochromatic look. You may consider gray – which is a non-color and matches pretty much any pair of trousers, dark-blue, or even marine.


5. Surround the T-shirt with style

Look at everything you are going to be wearing and make sure those piece of accessories just fit up: a nice watch, a pair of glasses, maybe a bracelet, make sure your hair is looking good, take care of your grooming. All these go into the outfit, and that is how you are going to look great in a t-shirt.

Another important aspect when wearing a t-shirt is a correct posture. Standing correctly can make you look better in a t-shirt.

As a conclusion, everything comes down to confidence. When you are confident in how you dress, whether it be a t-shirt, whether it be a button down, whether it be a pollo, find what works for you, practice wearing, and move forward with confidence.

If you have any comments or opinions, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear a comment from you.

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  1. Marcus Coons says:

    Thank you for talking about how you should choose a shirt material that is not seen- through. It makes sense that choose a shirt like this can help you look the best you can and feel comfortable around other people. I can see how anyone looking into this would want to make sure they take the time to try several materials and shirt styles in order to find the ones that feel best and have the best style for their bodies.

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