7 Interesting DIY Door Stop Designs to Try Out

Door stops are highly useful stuff that all homes need but don’t always have. Well, many may think a door stop to be a boring item that keeps a door open in need. However, if you opt to look at this item in a different way, you may discover it as a design element of your home, which can be made interesting and fun! And yes, you can make the interesting door stops all by yourself.

Below appear some unusual and appealing door stop designs from which you may get some inspiration:-

1. Concrete blocks

A door stop should be heavy but doesn’t need to be large. Your goal with them is keeping a heavy door open, while they don’t occupy a large portion of the floor. For this purpose, concrete would make a great material. Get blocks of concrete in different shapes and incorporate ropes into them, and your chic door stops would be ready. Thick twine can also be used in place of rope. You will also need moulds (use plastic containers or empty juice boxes to make moulds), some tape, and balcanized couplers.

concrete blocks

2. Rice pillows

Just because your door stop should be heavy, doesn’t mean that it needs to appear heavy. With this idea, you can create door stoppers that appear as lightweight pillows. To make the pillows heavy, fill them up with rice. This will serve the purpose of stopping a door. Some of the things you will need to make such pillows are – ribbon, some thread, a needle, straight pins, a rice bag, and muslin fabric.

rice pillows

3. Long pillow

A door stop may also serve as a sealer/draught excluder in some cases. It needs to appear like a thin and long pillow, as shown in the image below. To make such a door stop, you will require a cross stitch pattern saying “mind the gap”, threads in different colors, some canvas, and tapestry needle.

long pillow

4. Fabric sac

Since you are creating a door stop on your own, you may make it appear however you wish. Suppose you opt for fabric as the main material. You may create a door stopper looking like a little sac filled up with beans or rice. Make use of fabric with varied colors, patterns, and prints, to make all the faces look different. If you are proficient at die cutting you can make the sac look more appealing and cool by stitching some die cut designs of fabric on it. You can create such die cut designs using a die cut equipment. Remember to attach a handle to the sac.

fabric sac

5. Fun dinosaur

Want something fun? How about a dinosaur? A toy dinosaur of course! Check out the door stop shown in the image below. It’s quite easy to build and makes use of a plastic dinosaur. You can use some other toy also. Try asking one from the kids. Attach the dinosaur to a basic door stop of wood using a powerful glue. You can build the door stop on your own using some wood. After gluing the toy over the wood, apply some coats of metallic spray paint to the whole item.

fun dinosaur

6. Customized wooden door stop

Likewise, you may go for customizing a basic door stop of wood with something else, rather than a dinosaur toy. A leather strip, like the one shown here, would look quite chic, and would also give a handle to it so that you can easily hold and carry it whenever needed. The things you would need to make it are – a wood piece, white paint, a drill, a saw, sealer, a leather strip, a screw and brass washer, some paintbrushes, and sandpaper.

customized wooden door stop

7. Burlap or linen sack

To lend a vintage look to your fabric door stopper, go for employing burlap or linen. It may be patterned or simple. It’s simple to make. You would require two square fabric pieces for the bottom and top, and four rectangular pieces for the sides. To make the handle, opt for burlap or ribbon. Fill up the door stop using lentils or dry beans.

burlap or linen sac

So, go ahead and try out making a door stop with these design ideas. The project would certainly be fun and entertaining, and you can be as creative as you can.

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  1. These door designs are really great. Might put one in my bathroom!

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