The Ultimate Guide To Engage Visitors On Your WP Blog

Ultimate Guide To Engage Visitors On Your WP Blog

Constantly and consistently keeping your blog readers engaged is a challenge.

It’s not just a problem statement anymore, but a fact.

Blogging projects are on the rise, and the active online competition accounts for more than 500 million websites.

Beating that competition will take years, if you do implement a better strategy to keep your blog readers engaged in real-time. And, what better way to do so than the best live chat plugin for WordPress.

Adding a free WordPress chat plugin, you allow yourself to engage with readers instantly. Plus, you could have a chat with them in real-time and ask for their feedback on how to improve your posts further.


Now you may ask, “how to make my blog visitors stay longer with live chat? Are there any other ways in which it can prompt my readers to read other posts? How can I amalgamate the use of live chat plugin on my WordPress blog to stop them from going away?”

These questions cannot be easily answered, yet they represent only some of the bloggers’ concerns. And while there are many factors that may impact your visitors’ experience, what’s really important is that the majority of them can be improved by adding the best live chat plugin for WordPress blog.

That’s why in this article, we’re guiding you through all the essential processes that you should master to provoke visitors’ engagement. Read on and check out the most important tips on how to make your blog more popular and engaging.

#1. Consider Your Blog Post as a Product

Maybe we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the modern market has made us pay attention to them. Even though a great package doesn’t necessarily mean an amazing product, the package is definitely what we first see. And how does that apply to your blog?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Apart from providing amazing content, you should also make it seem appealing to your visitors. Great posts should be enriched with appealing titles, high-quality relevant visuals, and highlighted sections with interesting facts. In addition, to make your website design work for your content, make it minimalistic and sophisticated by paying attention to details and choosing a pleasant color scheme.

How does the best live chat plugin for WordPress may help here?

Adding a chat window will help you grab the attention of the reader, but it will be more effective once you match it with the theme of your blog. That means, you can customize the window theme as per the existing look and feel of your blog.

When you do something like this, you lower the chances of making your live chat window look less awkward. In short, it would blend well with your blog and entice readers to open it and initiate a chat with you to learn your perspective better.

#2. Offer Different Types of Posts

Depending on the topics that you address on your WordPress blog, you can make your content more interesting as you have the opportunity to present it in different ways. Not only will it increase your existing visitors’ interest in the blog, but may also help you expand your audience by reaching people that are attracted by different types of content.

Some of the increasingly popular types of posts that definitely have a positive impact on engagement rates are:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Interviews posts with experts
  • Podcasts
  • Expert roundup where you ask the same question from various experts belonging to the same industry and summing it up in one post

So, don’t hesitate to move on from the traditional blog post form and enrich your writing with these formats.

How can the best website chat plugin help you offer different posts?

Today, there are various live chat plugins that support knowledge base integration. All you have to do is add one that supports a knowledge base integration. It allows you to list articles relevant to the post.

Now, using the same integration, you can either:

  • Promote posts that are relevant to the blog page. So, before they initiate a chat and raise a question regarding the post they are reading, you can add recommended posts for them in the chat window. Doing so will help you reduce questions and provide support to readers instantly.
  • Provide support on how to check out your blogs like which section should they refer to in case they wish to read a certain post. For this you can create self-help articles in the knowledge base to help people reach the correct post.

#3. Adapt the Posting Frequency to Your Readers’ Needs

What’s extremely important when creating content is to determine the optimal schedule of your posts. While your blog visitors may be sad to find out you haven’t posted anything in weeks, it could also be frustrating for them if you started to spam them several times on a daily basis.

You should make a decision on your post frequency depending on your niche and the nature of your content. If you’re running a specialized blog that deals with serious topics, you may want to reduce the number of posts and increase their length. This way you will:

  • Provide them with a profound, insightful investigation of a topic with all necessary information at one place;
  • Give them enough time to process all the information from the post until the new one is available.

To be able to determine if your posting frequency is at the optimal level, you can perform easy tests, changing the number of posts published in a certain period. For instance, you can use different WordPress post-performance plugins that will show you information related to your visitors’ engagement, depending on the number of posts published per week or per month.

How does the best WordPress chat plugin helps you update readers on posting frequency?

If you have the best live chat plugin for WordPress, then you can easily update your readers about the upcoming blog posts and when do you plan to schedule.

“How does that work?” you may ask?

Well, if your live chat plugin supports announcements feature, then you can most likely use it to let your readers know:

  • What is the next post about
  • What’s the intention
  • When do you plan to post it

With the availability of such information, you can keep your readers updated and they’ll be anticipating the upcoming post.

#4. Show Interest in Your Visitors’ Feedback

Another incredibly important aspect of building engagement is establishing a relationship with your visitors. In other words, you should use every chance to get in touch with them, especially if they initiated the communication.

Visitors’ Feedback

So, if your visitors comment on your posts, you should not ignore them. You should try to reply to their comments, even if they’re not asking anything. Saying thanks to their both positive and negative feedback on your posts will show them that you care about their opinions.

And if you’re afraid that you’ll miss new comments, you can always rely on WordPress plugins that notify you in case of unread comments and filter the ones that you still haven’t replied to. Comment subscription may also be a great way of keeping track of your visitors’ activities on your posts.

How does the best website chat plugin helps you collect feedback?

Besides helping you keep readers engaged on your WordPress blog, a live chat plugin also helps you to collect feedback. You can add a post-chat form which readers can fill once a chat comes to an end. You can customize the questions in the post-chat form so you get to know the overall feedback for your blog and how you can improve for upcoming posts.

#5. Make it Easy for Visitors to Get in Touch With You

As understood before in the post, the best live chat plugin for WordPress can help you get in touch with readers instantly. In short, it is the perfect platform to establish meaningful one-on-one communication.

While you can always go for direct email communication, there is a way more practical communication channel: live chat support. And if you don’t have much experience with live chat support tools, first you have to make a search for free WordPress chat plugin.

Once you get familiar with it and figure out more about the essential features you can use to improve your communication with your visitors, you can move on and continue your search for the best website chat plugin.

In addition, if you are ready to invest in a well-developed solution, you’ll probably find even better plugins that will take your relationship with your visitors to a higher level.

While it may be difficult for you to decide what the best live chat plugin for WordPress is, you can always check if their features suit your needs. With high-quality live chat plugins, you get to choose the design of your chat box, introduce the automated messages and canned responses, initiate chat sessions, keep track of the chat analytics, and numerous other useful features.

#6. Create a Special Bond by Offering Something Exclusive

On the one hand, if you are ready to invest in the organization of live sessions with your website visitors, you should definitely make use of it. This way, you can create a more personal bond with your readers. Plus, they can identify with you more easily if they see your face. Additionally, you may also attract new consumers for your content.

Exclusive offer

On the other hand, you can also start providing special offers and sharing gifts for your most active visitors. This way, not only will you increase the engagement of your existing visitors but you’ll also be more likely to attract a new audience interested in what you offer, as well. And what’s the best about organizing giveaways on WordPress blogs is that there are a diversity of plugins that can help you promote them.

How does the best WordPress chat plugin help you build a personal bond with readers?

A live chat plugin allows you to monitor your visitors in real-time. In case you see them on a post for long, then initiate a chat with them so you can understand what’s stopping them from moving to the next post. By doing so, your readers would feel special and will prompt them to visit your blog often.

Final Thoughts: Simple Ways To Increase WordPress Blog Engagement

In the end, to make your visitors engage more, you have to be interested in their opinions and motivate them to interact with you. And you can do this improving several important aspects of your blog.

In the first place, you should make visitors focus on content without distractions. Secondly, you can introduce diverse types of post formats and test how their engagement changes when changing the type of post. Also, you make sure to adapt posting frequency to their needs.

Finally, you should interact with your blog’s visitors as much as possible. On the one hand, you should pay attention to their comments and make sure to reply whenever you can. On the other hand, it’s highly important to introduce a real-time communication system so that they can reach out to you when they need you, and this is easily done. All you have to do is find the best WordPress chat plugin having in mind your preferences.

Apparently, even though it may seem pretty complicated, the blog engagement increase can be succeeded in some relatively easy ways. And to be able to work on it, you need to understand your target audience needs and find the right WordPress plugins that will help you achieve your goals.

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