The Importance of Machinery Relocation and Installation Services

It’s been over a century since the industrial revolution and today we live in a world filled with machines of all shapes and sizes. The ones that are of concern though as far as this article is concerned are the ones that are so big in size that even the thought of how they were created is unfathomable to the ignorant. Be that as it may, even with their godly sizes, these machines need to be moved around in order for them to perform that which they were created for in the first place. Moreover, these machines may be needed in different locations and a way for them to be moved from place to place is necessary. That’s where specialized companies like Bryn Thomas Industrial Services comes in. If you have the need to move any heavy equipment or machinery from one location to another, you will find this article to be of great importance to you.

There are various heavy equipment that some of us deal with every day. Regardless of the size of your business, you may find yourself in the need to move heavy machinery or equipment from one place to another. It may be from the manufacturers premise to your business’ location. It may be from the company that sells the equipment to your business premise. Or it may be from one of your business locations to another one of your business location. Regardless of your situation, the point is that you have heavy machinery that needs relocation.

One of the things that you will have to deal with is the fact that the machinery has to be moved and reach its destination in one piece. At times, time may be of significance. Perhaps the equipment in question is one that is the core of your business, and therefore, it cannot stay idle for too long. Perhaps you just need to have the equipment moved as fast as possible for other reasons. In such cases, you will want to work with a company that will observe your wishes and ensures that everything is carried out per your instructions. Working with well-established companies is a guarantee that you will have peace of mind because such companies are dedicated to customer satisfaction. They will ensure that your equipment is transported safely and whatever instructions you gave regarding your heavy machinery are followed to the latter.

There are times you may find yourself in the need of some heavy machinery or equipment whose purchase value is more than you can afford. In such a case, finding someone who already owns the equipment and hiring it from them is a better alternative. You may need the equipment to lift some heavy objects, or to perform some alternative task that only the heavy machinery can do. For example, building construction sites may need such equipment. Several companies also offer such services. You can hire their equipment for any task that requires heavy lifting. Regardless of your location (whether in tight spaces or inside building work), they have something that will sort you out.

Machinery relocation services will involve things like:

  • Industrial machine removals
  • Machine relocation
  • Heavy machinery /equipment lifting
  • Heavy lifting removals
  • Factory relocation
  • Gym equipment removals or relocation
  • Specialist transport & heavy haulage versa-lifts & Hiabs

As you can see, there are various scenarios heavy machinery relocation will be necessary. Mind you that heavy machinery is exactly that – heavy. That means special equipment is required to handle them. Special equipment also demands that it’s operated with specialists. In the UK, such specialists are usually teams of CTA/CPCS trained personnel to ensure that everything regarding your needs is fulfilled. Such companies have fleets of mobile cranes that can handle elements of different weights, ranging from a few tones to up to 300. They usually comprise:

  • 4, 5, and 6 axle mobile tower cranes
  • 14t Franna Pick & Carry cranes
  • 10t, 25t, & 40t City Range cranes
  • Versa Lifts 40/ 60 that can handle up to 26 tons

Special equipment is key when dealing with heavy machinery. You want something that will handle your equipment well or something that will get the job done to your satisfaction.

Relocating and installing heavy machinery or equipment requires time and planning. You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to call a heavy machinery relocation company to come and move your equipment for you. You’ll have to plan in advance so that when you really need them, the heavy equipment relocation company will be ready for you. If you know you’ll be needing their services a week from now, it’s best you call immediately. That way, they will be ready for you before the D-day. The thing is that calling when you need them at the moment may not work because they are dealing with expensive and heavy equipment, which they may have already assigned to another client at the time you are calling. So planning in advance is crucial for your mission to be successful.

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