Why Oracle is Ideal for Remote DBA Services?

oracle databaseThe Oracle database software is the most popular software of its kind in the world of Information Technology. This software helps users to store and retrieve related data or information. The software is often installed in a server. It is quite effective in solving the problems of managing information in organizations and companies. When stored in a server, this software allows many users to utilize it in a multiuser environment. They can gain access to the stored information at the same time. In addition to that, the Oracle database software maintains high performance of the computer system. Not only is it capable of that, but it also secures the database by preventing unauthorized access to it. If the system crashes, then the database should able to provide solutions for data recovery.

How is it applied in today’s business environments?

This is the first ever database software that was designed for enterprise grid computing. This is a form of computing that is flexible and affordable. It is used to manage bulky loads of information. In this computing technology, data and information are pooled together in servers and modular storage hardware. This infrastructure is industry-standard and easy to modify. The system can be tweaked so as to make room for new components. Moreover, situations of peak workloads are avoided because it is easy for the database administrators to add or reallocate computing capacity as required. In the grid computing environment, the Oracle database has both physical and logical structure. These are separate. As a result, the data can be stored and managed in either of the two structures without causing corruption or confusion. There are many advantages of using Oracle over other types of software. Read on to discover more.

Benefits of Oracle database software

This software has some useful benefits. Organizations and companies will find these benefits very helpful to their business processes. They include:

  1. Can work on many databases simultaneously
  2. It is extra portable
  3. Versions are released and supported effectively
  4. It can backup data and information
  5. It is fast and has high performance

Support for many databases at the same time

The Oracle database software has a feature known as the two-phase commit protocol. This feature is most well observed in Oracle V7. It allows the software to manage many different databases in the same transaction. By using this feature, you can move from node to node in a network and see where the data is stored. The feature also allows you to conduct data mirroring. By using this function, you can see the location of the data.

Database software from other vendors is incapable of performing these functions. Software from these different vendors cannot reliably edit more than a single database in each transaction. This means that moving data from one database to the other using this software is next to impossible. You would be required to recode your programs. By utilizing this protocol in the Oracle database software, the remote DBA service providers can optimize the location of these databases without any additional programming required.

It is very portable

Oracle database software was designed such that it is versatile and can be ported to any computer system. It can be ported to more computer systems than any of its competitors. The software is capable of running comfortably in more than a hundred physical platforms. It can also be installed in more than 20 network architectures. Due to its wide range of portability, Oracle is safe from any developments or changes that can occur in the world of software or hardware. It can also survive any operating system upgrade. This makes it a great long-term investment for an organization or a company. Oracle also has a function where the database administrator can build an application to interact with the database software. This database software is designed such that these applications can be run on any operating system for example Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Apple Macintosh.

The follow-up on version changes is very organized

Every few months, Oracle upgrades its database software. These updates are available as direct downloads. Once they release an update, they will inform you immediately. They will also tell you when to expect the next major release. All Oracle versions are backward compatible. This means that you can adjust the new upgrade to work with the applications and modules that you created for the old one. Once you upgrade an Oracle Database Management Software (DBMS), you can easily utilize old applications that you had written for it. They will still run successfully with no glitches at all.

Capability to backup data and recover it

The Oracle database software is capable of performing an online backup of data. It can recover data in case of a crash, accidental deletion or corruption. In addition to that, it has a high tolerance to software faults and failures of the storage disks. With this database software, you can conduct activities such as point-in-time data recovery. As long as you have established some data archives and have enough storage space to handle a recovery, Oracle database software will seamlessly recover your data for you. It can also conduct online data archiving in special tapes as you work.

It is fast and performs well under pressure

One of the main reasons why DBAs love the Oracle software is because it is fast. This software can easily save and retrieve data very fast. Even if one is dealing with a massive database, Oracle can perform very fast. During situations of heavy use, the computer resources are often severely limited. Oracle keeps performing at a high speed and power, despite this. It can handle databases that range in size from 10GB to 100GB quite comfortably. This performance is raw and effective. DBAs can tune an Oracle database by using functions such as controlling transactions and data locking too.


Database administrators well love the Oracle database software due to these benefits. The software is capable of handling large amounts of data. It is versatile and can work in large or small organizations. There is no limit to the data formats that you can save in it as well. Oracle database management software is a good bet for any administrator.

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