How to Choose a Backflow Testing Service

Modern water supply systems employ quite advanced technologies. It ensures convenient and safe delivery of water to consumer houses. Usually, the municipal waterworks provide the stable pressure and one-direction water flow. However, sometimes, backflows still occur. Let us discuss why it is essential to prevent the drastic consequences of backflow. In this article, we will explain how to choose a backflow testing service to protect yourself and your neighbors from the property damage.

Why is it Vital to Test Your Backflow Prevention Device Regularly?

Backflow happens when used or sewage water directed to the irrigation or fire suppression systems starts to return into the house taps. Imagine how destructive it can be for the health. Moreover, the pressure of the backflow can be damaging to water delivery systems.

Of course, backflow does not happen daily. Its most common reason is the low pressure in the water main. The major backflow risk factors are:

  • Water mains bursts;
  • Fire hydrant use;
  • Lawn sprinkler system placed at a sloped area.

When the disaster happens, all your water supplies may potentially become contaminated. Potable water may become polluted with debris, pesticides, fertilizers and other hazardous or toxic substances. This catastrophe can affect the neighboring houses as well because the water supply is a holistic system. Exactly to prevent this from happening, backflow prevention devices are used.

How do Backflow Prevention Devices Work?

These appliances are designed to prevent a backflow. They are installed over a water supply system. These devices have protective flappers, which immediately close when the water starts to flow backward.

There are numerous types and models of these with different structure, complexity, and size. No matter which cutting-edge technologies the manufacturer implements in these devices, they wear out sooner or later. The need for a fix or replacement is just a matter of time. It is up to you to keep your appliance functioning and test it regularly. Usually, an annual check-up is enough in the majority of situations, if there were no floods or any other natural forces majeure.

How Can I Find the Best American Backflow Testing Experts?

Like any other professional work, backflow testing is not a simple service. Special tools and profound knowledge of water supply systems and backflow prevention devices is a must. Let us discover what the essential qualities of a decent backflow testing agency are.


Make sure that the service provider has all the required certifications. Certification of Competence is a valid reason to believe that the testing will be fast and professional. Do not trust people that cannot prove that they are competent and certified specialists.

Look for Extensive Experience and Warranties

For how long do the employees of the service provider conduct the testing? What kind of feedback does their work receive? Do they offer the warranty of the results? All these aspects matter, as backflow prevention is the set of measures, which lead to severe consequences in case of negligence. After all, you do not want this process to result in a disaster, do you? People with profound expertise leave only good memories and provide a professional effect.

Search Not for Cheap, but for Cost-Effective

Backflow testing services are not the thing to skimp on. At the same time, an honest and qualified master finds the most efficient yet inexpensive solution for your device maintenance, repair or replacement. Look for best experts to get the best results!

For instance, American Backflow Prevention is one of the leading Chicago backflow testing service providers. The company satisfies customer demands through exceptional service and the “Best Price Guarantee” policy, which implies the lowest possible cost for backflow testing among competitors. The full package of testing, repairing, emergency replacement and other backflow prevention services along with the wide experience leave no doubt in choosing American Backflow Prevention as your best backflow testing service provider in the Chicago area.


All in all, it is not responsible to buy into the lowest possible service cost. Select the best experts in backflow testing to ensure the safety.

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