Getting People into Your Flower Shop Was Never Easier

Creating a flower bouquet takes time and creativity. The same principle applies if you want to attract new clients, especially now that they have numerous options they can choose from. If you think that your flower shop is too quiet, you should ask yourself some questions.

  • Is the economy the reason why people do not buy flowers from your store?
  • Would you get more clients if your store would be located somewhere else?
  • Are you offering relevant products to the local community?
  • Is it clear what services you offer?

Once you answer these questions, you will be able to understand why your flower shop is not successful. Here are some tips that will help you get people into your store.

Leverage your existing clients

If you don’t have loyal clients that love your flower arrangements, you will find more than difficult to get new people buying from you. Attracting new clients starts with surprising and delighting your existing customers.

How can you do it?

  • You should try to establish a personal connection with every one of them. Always be honest and sincere when they are asking for your opinions and offer them guidance when they have no idea what flower bouquet to buy.
  • Send a handwritten note or message thanking them for choosing your flower shop for their special event.
  • Offer special discounts to existing clients, they will be more than happy to stay loyal.
  • Send them happy birthday messages, or surprise flowers.

Step outside and have a look at your shop

If your store is located in a pedestrianized area, you should step outside and take an objective look at your shop. Do your windows look appealing to people? You should always look for new ways to optimise your merchandise and window display, they are the best tools to convince people to have a look at your flower arrangements.

You don’t have to install tables outdoors to showcase your bouquets and flower arrangements. You can use wall-mounted vases to display your creations. Hang the vases at 45-degree angle, it will make the flowers visible while it will keep the vases hidden from sight. If you use vintage decorated vases you can install them perpendicular to the wall to display both the flowers and the recipient.

Another option is to display the bouquets and single flowers according to the symbolic meaning behind them. For example, you can showcase a bouquet of forget-me-nots in front of the store for a week, then change it with another one. Place a sign close to the vase to explain the meaning of the flowers, they stand for faithfulness and friendship. If you are consistent in using this strategy, you will create a long-standing impression.

Use social media to attract more clients

Do you have an in-store promotion? Do you want to organise a contest? Keep your clients posted via social media. You should create social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn to promote your services and products. There’s no better way to reach new people than establishing a presence on social media.

Use your Instagram page to show the flower arrangements you create, film yourself when creating flower bouquets and post them in your feed. Use your Facebook profile to connect with your clients, create events, and organise online contests. Make sure your clients have no problems in finding you on social media. Post content that offers them a reason to like your page and follow you. Show your clients how you are working, and post photos of your customers picking their orders.

Use accessories to create impressive arrangements

Flowers are beautiful on their own, but you can use some other accessories to make them look more imposing. If you create wedding flower arrangements for special events, you can make them look more romantic if you choose nosegays instead of big vases. Arrange them naturally, as if you have recently picked them from the garden.

Buy a pedestal table to display the most beautiful flower arrangements you create. Install it at the shop entrance, or even outside the store if possible, it will draw some extra attention and will convince people to enter the store for more.

You can mix pampas grass, with dried flowers and natural flowers to create complex flower arrangements. Pampas grass is an interesting accessory to use together with natural flowers if you want to create boho-chic bouquets. You can tie the flowers stems with lace ribbon to offer them an elegant touch. Ribbons are always a great accessory if you want to add some extra style to your bouquets.

Hold events at your store

One of the most effective strategies to get people over to your shop is to organise different events. Make sure that you market all the events, use social media and traditional press to invite people to come by.

Some events ideas are:

  • Invite scout groups to come in and take a tour, provide them information on the meaning of certain flowers and offer them recommendations on the type of flower arrangements they can buy on certain occasions. Talk them about the impact flowers have in people’s lives and offer them small flower arrangements as gifts.
  • Organise workshops for special occasions to teach people how to create flower arrangements. The winter holidays, end of autumn, and the beginning of spring are some great moments to hold workshops. Share with your attendees the latest trends in flower arrangements, they will be more than excited to find out what types of flowers and bouquets they should display in their houses for certain occasions. Make sure that you share the workshops on social media, and you ask your attendees to tag your location when they post photos and videos.
  • Collaborate with organisation, artists, and other experts to host joined events in your store. A local painter can use your flower shop to display their latest works. It will drive more traffic to your location because you are offering something unique. Make sure that you equally share the space with your partners, you both should have enough room to highlight your most beautiful works.

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