Chameleons and Flower Bouquet

What do chameleons and flower bouquet have in common? They both have the ability to adapt to their environment. Well, flowers don’t necessary change colors like chameleons, but they are the perfect gifts for any occasion; name it! There is no occasion that you can’t a find a flower for; hence, while chameleons can change their colors to match their environment to hide from enemies and catch prey, flowers are suitable for any occasion to match the mood.


We don’t know when the giving of flowers as a gift began because the tradition is so old and was practiced all over the world. Traces of flowers as gifts and ornaments for various occasions are evident in almost every culture you can name. They were used for different reasons, and that’s why today we can find a reason to give flowers to our loved ones (and enemies), regardless of what’s happening – even if it’s nothing. You’ll be surprised by how a flower for no reason can really influence your encounter with someone. Try it!

Mom, what color is a chameleon?

Most people don’t know the real color of the chameleon because the creature tends to change color depending on where it is. Well, according to scientists who are interested in them, they claim that the true color of the chameleon is yellow-green, or green-yellow, or green; let’s just say green. On the other hand, flowers don’t necessarily change colors according to their environment, but they are available in assorted colors, shapes, and scents. These qualities work together to make flowers ideal for any situation.

The True Color of Flowers

For gift-giving purposes, the three qualities of flowers mentioned in the foregoing section play a significant role. Roses are gorgeous flowers, perhaps the most beautiful of all – considering their sophisticated shape, their sweet feminine scent, and their gracious and tender colors. However, everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. Some people will not perceive roses based on the description I supplied. To them, the flower that fits that definition or even better may be peonies, carnations, camellia, daffodil or amaryllis. Therefore, when considering giving luxurious flower bouquets to someone special (a lover, family, friend, or enemy), it is beneficial to consider their taste.


Over the years, we have given flowers special meanings based on their distinctive types, colors, and odors. Roses are the symbol of love, while ‘birds of paradise’ are associated with joy or paradise itself. Any flower you can think of has a special meaning to someone somewhere on this planet. This diversity of flowers can be crucial when dealing with gift giving because one type of flower may symbolize one thing to one person and an entirely different thing to another. If the disparity is one of good and evil, then giving the wrong kind of flower to the wrong person could result in strife. Chameleons change colors for two primary reasons: to hide from hunters like snakes and to catch prey like insects. The quality of camouflaging is instinctive in this instance, but the meanings we have given to flowers are purely subjective.

Roses, for instance, are available in different colors: red, blue, white, peach, pink, and even black. Of course, some of those colors are artificial. Furthermore, the number of roses given for an occasion to another also has meaning. The meanings we know today of any flower are based on the interpretations of different cultures across the world. Roses are native to America, and the world associates them with love because that’s how Americans perceive them. Peonies are a favorite of the Chinese because they are what they were initially accustomed to. Give a Chinese girl a peony, and she’s likely to take things to the next level if she feels you. Do the same for an American girl, and you’ll get the same outcome. Different types of flowers, the same interpretation. There is no reality, only perception.


Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it; and to me, just like chameleons, flowers are beautiful. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, some dude’s party, some chick’s bash, father’s day, mother’s day, women’s day, valentine’s day, Christmas, a sad event, saying sorry, a promotion, a proposal, just for the sake of, or whatever event you can think of, luxurious flower bouquets will do.

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