10 Best Customer Service Methods to Increase Sales

One of the most annoying things about government-funded services is that the staff give terrible customer service. That is why places such as the DMV are a nightmare; it is because the place is funded by the government, so they do not have to care if you are having a good experience. Businesses have the exact opposite problem. They care too much about their customer’s experience while on the shop floor because giving people a bad experience may lead to them going out of business. Since nobody wants to run their business like a government agency, this article offers tips to help make each customer’s experience a little better.

The Peculiarities Of Good Customer Service

There is no key that will fit all locks in this case. It is up to you as a business owner to figure out what constitutes good and bad customer service. It is also up to you to decide what type of customer service you are looking to give. Two companies may sell exactly the same thing, but one may decide to create a very happy and positive customer experience, while the other may opt for a more mature and sophisticated experience–and both companies may do equally well.

Customer service online and offline are different, but the aim (to give a good customer experience) is the same. This often means that the path towards success involves the same principles. Here are a few examples to show how similar the online and offline world really is in the cases where the aims/goals are the same.

Pleasant Appearance

Online – Clean, simple, and well laid out user interface

Offline – Clean, well organized and professionally decorated stor

Easy To Find Products

Online – Clear images and adverts, good navigation, intuitive categories

Offline – Nice displays, intuitive stock locations, easy store navigation


Online – Click a chat button or call a number

Offline – Talk to a nearby staff member or call them


Ten Best Customer Service Methods To Increase Sales

Remember that it is up to you to alter your sales process to suit your brand and your consumers. Also, do not forget about up sells and cross sells. Here are ten ways that your online and offline staff may increase sales with good customer service (aka, by giving a good customer experience).

1 – Be Attentive To The Needs Of Your Customers

If online, it means answering questions quickly over the phone or over Live Chat functions. If offline, then customers need to be greeted and welcomed if they ask for help. As a manager, it is up to you to train your shop front staff to be highly attentive to the needs, thoughts and feelings of every customer.

2 – Use Negative Feedback And Turn It Around

If people complain that your secondhand cars have scratches, then buy a new polishing device and tell people that secondhand cars from you will now be more scratch-free and shiny than ever. If people complain that your staff are no good with their children, then send your staff on child safety and safeguarding classes and put up their qualified diplomas on the walls.

3 – Pay Attention to Brand Mentions

Don’t simply consider your brand reputation when you see and research your own company’s online brand mentions. Also consider what it teaches your consumers. A journal entry about consumer perceptions showed that what people read doesn’t stick with them for very long. In fact, what people hear about your company from their friends will stick with them far longer than what they read online.

4 – Use Technology Wherever You Can

Update your website to be sure it has the most recent incarnation of live chat technology, and keep up to date with which social media networks are popular. Keep your shop front technology up to date, be it contactless card machines right down to extra-powerful vacuum cleaners.

5 – Demonstrate That You Care About Your Customer’s Experience

The sales and/or buying experience is the process where the customer converts from interested to a customer. Each experience should be positive in order to increase the chance of a sale. A senior executive from Australian Writings said, “People buy from people, and they expect more than just courtesy. They expect concern, and that is what a good customer service agent should exhibit. They should show that they are concerned about the customer and the experience that customer is having.”

6 – Respond Quickly

Cast asides statistics and studies and consider your own experience. Do you hate waiting in long queues or being put on hold when you are on the phone? Put much of your effort into making sure that customers are seen and dealt with as quickly as possible.

7 – Reduce Customer Effort

Over 86% of people will pay more for good customer service, especially if it is better than the experience they have had with your competitor. With that in mind, you should make a customer’s job as easy as possible. The less effort that the customer has to do in order to buy your product, then the less opportunity there is for your customers to talk themselves out of a purchase.

8 – Encourage Referrals From Other People

If you are able to encourage customer referrals, then the person who has been referred will probably have a good customer experience because they are going into the process with full confidence and less need to be sold to. Plus, people enjoy spending money together, which is why so many people go shopping together.

9 – Demonstrate That You Have Knowledge To Give

Train your staff and give them knowledge about your products. Teach your staff to go and give out their knowledge and to not shy away from questions. The worst thing a customer can hear is a staff member say, “I don’t know.” Can you imagine if a doctor said that? Or, if a pilot said he wasn’t sure where he was going? Make sure all of your customer support staff are very knowledge, especially if they are working over the phone and answering questions. If a customer service staff member doesn’t know the answer to a question, then teach them to say, “I will just find out for you” instead of saying, “I don’t know.”

10 – Can You Go The Extra Mile?

Don’t just consider the first sale; consider additional sale or the purchase of other items in addition to what the customer originally wanted. Customer service will help you make these sales. Over 40% of visitors will buy more when and if they experience great customer service, and great customer service is something that requires staff to go the extra mile. Can you give a little more, do a little more, or show that you care a little more than you already do and have?



It goes without saying that giving people good customer service is going to increase sales because it gives people a good customer experience. It will increase sales because the other alternative is for people to have a bad or mediocre time while shopping, and that is simply not acceptable if you wish to stay in business and compete with others for your customers. Keep your customers happy, and they will return to you again and again.

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