The impact of technology on the medical industry

The continuous evolution of technology causes many changes in all fields, andthe medical industryis no exception. In 2015, a study by Nuance Communications, a well-known multinational in the IT industry, shows that over 54% of patients between the ages of 18 and 24 seek medical information online.

Globally, 39% of people use search engines to get medical help and trust the assessments left by other people online when choosing medical providers.

But facilitating access to medical help and information is not the only improvement due to technology. Today, hospitals even use social media to keep in touch with patients. According to Business Insider, doctors can answer patients’ questions on social media pages, inform them about changes in the medical system, and launch awareness campaigns.

Moreover, technology is constantly offeringinnovative medical devices, new drugs, and treatment procedures, along with new research opportunities, for which the medical industry is becoming increasingly efficient. In these conditions, medical coding services have become of even greater importance for medics and health institutions.

Technology also has an impact on the doctor-patient relationship.

Telemedicine, a practice through which doctors provide diagnosis and treatment to patients in inaccessible areas or in special conditions, such as during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, is an important advance in emergency management, and its popularity is growing.

Last but not least, the evolution of technology gives us access to studies and databases that can predict future medical trends, which facilitates the prevention and treatment of various diseases in the shortest time.

Thus, people around the world can anticipate and prevent medical conditions of minimal severity, such as colds or flu, but they can also preventcomplex medical conditions.

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