Field Service Technology Innovations in 2019

Stay updated and follow trends and technology innovations in the field service business in 2019 to improve your workflow and results.

Many years ago companies failed to satisfy their client’s needs. They could not predict problems and find the solution in time. As a result, customers became frustrated and looked for better organizations. Today new technology innovations let business owners not only attract new clients but also find the reason which makes them purchase a concrete service. This article gives a short review of TOP six technology innovations and trends for field service in 2019.

Watch and Follow: 6 Trendy Innovations

There are many benefits one enjoys using modern technology.

  1. Computerized Dispatching and Customer-Oriented Service
    Contemporary software ManageMart for field service allows business people to synchronize many devices. It gives an excellent opportunity to keep all the data about each customer. This feature provides diagnostics which helps to predict problems a customer even don’t see or realize. Thanks to that, customers remain satisfied with the result and the company doesn’t lose customers and gets a high rating.
  2. Automatic Service
    Why is digital service so valuable? First of all, manufacturers, marketers, and holders of field service like it because of opportunities it provides them with.
  • Creation of improved robots and production line
  • Getting desired results due to improved digital programs in marketing
  • Involvement of the required number of audience
  • Making service support more profitable and effective

Today it’s hard to imagine our life without mobile applications. They ease communication and let a person order some service quickly. There is no more need to spend sleepless nights waiting for a customer’s message or phone call. Apps of back and front office can answer almost all questions in 24/7 online chats. It saves time and creates ideal scheduling and collaboration between the company and a client.

  1. Flexibility
    Field service should be flexible and mobile. In the epoch of well-developed smart technology mobile apps let specialists create the best conditions for “company-client” cooperation. There are options which reflect real-time information and partially work when the offline mode is activated.

An organization distributes tasks via mobile phones. Clients can specify the order and even make it regular. The software creates a virtual calendar full of appointments, regular and irregular assignments, notes about the client’s preferences. Both customers and owners of software can change something or cancel the order. No more need to stay on the line or contact the company many times.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    What can be better than a machine that can analyze information, systematize it, learn something new and improve service daily? IT specialists aim at upgrading digital devices making them multifunctional and independent. Chatbots receive messages and answer after the analysis of keywords. You can read more facts about the service in chatbox magazine. Moreover, everything functions without the need to involve many human resources. The automatic system forms schedules and fills in the data about customers and the crew.

The holder of software supervises the situation in his or her company and can react quickly in case of an emergency. The computerized system sends alert messages to inform about broken equipment, tasks failure, negative feedback, and other problems. Service calls are not so actual any more thanks to the automation of online chats.

  1. Monetization and Data Collection
    Previously, a person had to teach a newcomer basic things and share experience in field service. Today the system memorizes the inserted information and uploads it to the cloud. So, if the company hires a new specialist who lacks experience, the software will provide all the necessary information. Nobody will miss or forget important details concerning the order or time it must be performed.

By the way, numerous investors realize the efficiency of technology innovations and contribute much to their improvement. Investments guarantee high-quality products which will result in higher income and productivity.

  1. Virtual Reality
    Virtual reality is gaining popularity every second. It creates conditions perfect for field service business. Employees can perform their duties applying a simulator. They train and become experts without losses. No more dissatisfied clients! Moreover, each member of the team can communicate hands-free. Imagine that there is some problem. Virtual reality will virtualize the real problem and the crew can help each other in a distance.

Hybrid Service Is Still Important

Despite the fact that new devices increase profits customers still rely on human support. That is why it is important to combine smart innovations and human force. The list of the top 25 smart innovations of the last 5 years you can read in the Entrepreneur article. People control and fix malfunctions which computerized systems based on artificial intelligence can make. Not everyone will entrust house cleaning or lawn trimming to robots. Combined field service gives more chances to succeed. It attracts new clients and open ways for development and perfect functioning.

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