Deliver 100% Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Friendly Websites with Comparium

Web developers spend quite a lot of time ensuring that the websites they create are compatible with all major web browsers. Comparium is a web tool that allows you to test your websites effectively to ensure that they function as you intended across different browsers and operating systems. It is an invaluable tool for web developers, web designers, webmasters, or web owners.



It is important to maintain uniformity when creating website designs for a client. A company’s website should be recognizable and maintain the same feel regardless of the browser used to access it. That’s why web developers test websites on different browsers to ensure that they display the same and function properly.

Comparium allows you to test your websites during development across the most common browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer. It enables you to do this in one place rather than installing all these browsers on your system and testing on each one individually. With Comparium, all you need is your favorite browser, and you’ll be able to do all the testing across browsers.


You can confirm how your website will behave on browsers under various operating systems using Comparium. For instance, if you are developing your website using a browser on a Mac, Comparium gives you the opportunity to check how it looks like on the same browser on a Windows OS or Linux. You can easily mix and match browsers and operating systems using the web tool. This feature sustains quality assurance, regardless of where the website is accessed and maintains a good name for you as a web designer, web developer, webmaster, or web owner.

Save Time and Money

Since you can test how your browser will perform across different operating systems using Comparium, you don’t have to either install different operating systems on your machine or purchase different devices running various operating systems to test your websites. Therefore, you get to save money, and the time it would have taken you to do all the installation, testing, and comparison.

In addition, Comparium is quite fast in producing the results for your tests.

Results via Email

Sometimes you may want to receive or send the results of your tests via email. For instance, you may want to show a client how the development is going, so you send them a few screenshots to let them see what to expect. Comparium can assess your website and send the results to the email address you give it.

Working with Comparium

This impressive web tool is easy to use. All you need is the URL/ link/ address of the site you want to test. Paste it on Comparium.

Select the Operating System and browser, and click “TEST”. The application will do its processing and give you results based on your preferences.

Moreover, you can view the results of different browsers at the same time.

The current version of Comparium (version 1.0) offers basic features; that is, cross-browser testing on different operating systems. Future versions of the web tool will introduce advanced features like bulk URL testing or History of screenshot versions.


Debugging and testing are some of the most time-consuming aspects of web design and development. Having tools that enable you to save time and money is essential. If you require a tool that can speed the testing phase of your websites, you’ll find Comparium a worthy companion.

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