How to Keep Your Developer’s Skills Up-To-Date and Stay Trendy

Developer’s Skills Proficiency requires a lot of time and effort no matter whether you’re a Math teacher or software developer. Every field of human activity needs a skilled and highly knowledgeable professional. Finishing a university and getting a degree in a particular subject or sphere, doesn’t mean that you’re a professional. It’s only the beginning of a long road to be “the greatest”.

We live in the fast-moving and ever-changing world that worships technology. Thus, there’s a high demand for professionals in software engineering, who not only know the basic and essential things but also keep up with the latest technology trends in software development.

It can be hard and time-consuming to master your skills and enhance your software developer skills, but if you have passion for this and desire to work, then everything is possible. Here’re some tips for you to follow in order to stay tuned and follow all the up-to-date software development trends.

What Are Current Trends in Software Development?

Technologies and everything that is connected to them is changing in a dynamic way. New tools, apps, devices, etc. appear on regular bases. Some of them become trendy, others are just for fun and quickly fade into the oblivion. As time goes by, trends penetrate into every part of the industry. The same thing goes for the software development market trends.

According to the latest research, the most trending movements in software development are:

1. Mobile app development services: companies not only try to design a high-quality mobile site but also work on mobile apps that represent the business and operate as service providers.
2. SPAs: Or in other words “Single-Page Applications” take over the complicated websites.
3. Cloud Storages: more and more people tend to use cloud storages to be able to access saved information from different devices anytime needed.
4. IoT (The Internet of Things): this is a trend that can change the future, as nowadays different devices are interconnected and transmit the information to each other. Software developers in their turn are expected to find out how a user can control a cooker, car, or some parts of the house, etc.
5. Security: as the level of connectivity to different devices and cloud storages growth, security becomes of a great concern. The task of software developers lays in making sure that a new app is protected and secure for both the users and business owners.
6. DevOps: aim to facilitate communication and collaboration between software developers and other professionals they work with. This can be a great substitution of system administrators that allows more possibilities and saves a lot of time.
7. Wearables: include different devices like fitness trackers, smart watches, etc. Big companies introduce new useful equipment that needs applications for mobile phones, etc.

If you don’t want to miss out on anything, then you have to constantly master your skills. New trends and technologies in software development require skilled developers who know not only a coding language, but also have some other qualities. Let’s see how you can keep up with all the latest information and be among top developers within the industry.

Skills for Software Developer that Matter

It’s a common knowledge that some trends catch on and become of widely used, others come and disappear in a while. It’s impossible to learn all the information and become a full-stack software developer in all coding languages, but you can master your software developer key skills and keep them sharp.

Here’re some tips for you to follow.

Read, Read and Read!

Our generation has a great opportunity to access any type of the information via the Internet. So, one of the best ways to be in the loop is to read.

Nowadays, you can find numerous blogs on software development and programming. For instance, you can check this page and read all about the latest innovations, apps, and devices, etc. Reading blogs can keep you updated on a daily basis, the only thing you have to do is to spend around 30 minutes a day on it.
Apart from blogs, you can read books to keep your software developer technical skills up-to-date. It can be very useful for you not to forget some essential information and learn something new. Try to choose books that will be most interesting for you and can have a lasting effect. Pick something that is connected to your project, so you can immediately implement new information.

Live and Learn

Live and Learn If you want to be among the top developers and follow all the latest trends, you should never stop learning. Software developer skills and knowledge is all you have, so if you want to enhance your coding command, you should master it on regular bases.

Try to become better at problem-solving. Find a project and complete it yourself. Challenge yourself with different problems, so that you can expand your knowledge and keep your mind working. There are various competitive programming sites like Codewars where you can learn something new through challenges.

And, of course, don’t forget to code a lot. Practice makes perfect.

Software Developer Communication Skills vs Software Developer Math Skills

Software Developer Communication SkillsSome people might think that a good Math command and technological skills have more advantages for a software developer than communication skills. But we’re going to disagree on this, as both communication and Math skills play a great role. It’s important to grow in both directions.

Math can help you to solve some problems, while good communication skills can make it easier for you to work with your team or other IT professionals within your company. If you want to manage your own software development team, you have to learn to communicate your ideas in a clear and precise way.

What is more, you can find new acquaintances and friends while attending various seminars or events for software developers. Share your experience with other people, find out something new from them, etc. This is how it all works.

And the last, but not least important thing to mention is motivation. If you get excited about every new piece of information related to software development, if it makes you happy, then you’re going to succeed to be a “great” and trendy developer. Motivation and passion to what you do can place you among the top developers. Don’t forget to learn something new and have a decent rest from time to time.

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