An Impact of Online Lifestyle on Our Creative Writing Skills

frfeqrfrqwfqrwfThe invention of the Internet has turned the life of humanity upside down. What about your creative writing skills? Has online lifestyle changed them ? How Has an Online Lifestyle Changed Our Creative Writing Skills? Can you imagine your life without the Internet?

Nope, that`s just wrong, the worst beginning, seriously. Mostly because I already know the answer, and you know it too. Sociologists say that the Generation Z will be the first people who don`t remember the life without the almighty world wide web. They don`t know why you would go shopping to the mall instead of buying all the stuff you need online. They don`t know why you would have to go to work every day if you can just work anywhere on the planet if you have an access to the Internet.

Our lives have changed drastically with the appearance of the online world. How do you think medieval people would react if they somehow showed up in the modern times? The Internet was invented not that long time ago, and we`re already so incredibly dependent on it.

But you know what? Despite things other people say (and I’m referencing to your grandma right now), I do believe that the Internet has brought the whole bunch of positive things to our lives.

Such service as Internet banking allows us to gather money from different people all over the world. This money helps humans fight diseases, get an education, or start their own business.

Or you can just buy high-quality essays online absolutely effortlessly. In fact, essays and creative writing are exactly what we`re discussing in this article, courtesy ofCoolEssay.Net. There is no way that your skills wouldn`t be affected by the appearance of the Internet. Let`s see how that happens and if there is anything we should do to change that.

Access to Any Kind of Information

Back in the day, people who traveled a lot had an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that they could share with readers through the books. Jack London and Ernest Hemingway, for example, are known to be very curious travelers who visited many faraway lands.

If we take a closer look at Jack London`s biography, we`ll see that this fascinating man went through many challenges. He witnessed the gold rush in Alaska and pearl smuggling somewhere near India. Naturally, his literary works are absolutely interesting, astonishing, and lively.

But now you don`t need to have the most extraordinary profession, loads of money, or a pass to the Vatican library in order to find some amusing facts about this world. The information is more than accessible nowadays. With the help of the Internet, you have an opportunity to develop your outlook without leaving the house.

Of course, you may disagree and say that it`s not the same. But you`ve got books and movies, you can watch interviews with so many awesome people, you can chat via Skype with so many incredible personalities. All of this broadens your mind, develops your imagination, and upgrades your writing skills.

‘Sup? 4U?

You probably had your own guesses about the possible negative impact of the Internet on creative writing skills. There are many of those, but they are rather individual, and you may or may not have been affected by those.

We`re about to share a major concern of many sociologists and linguists with you. It has to do with texting. If you are a fan of classic Victorian-era literature, you must have noticed how intricate and mesmerizingly wonderful was the style of letters people were writing to each other.

There`s no point to compare it to nowadays disastrous group chats and Instagram comments. But let`s just admit that something wrong is happening to our language.

It`s not only about the Internet slang or the new weird phrases, appearing out of the blue. It`s about the style itself. People use incredibly short forms of words and sentences, they don`t have time for full conversations. They don`t use beautiful and meaningful words. So, there is no way you can form a bright and full vocabulary with that online chatting.

It`s “sup?” and “4U”, and many other “words” which represent the culture of communication of the modern era.

On the one hand, we can talk to people with whom we could never even dream to communicate in real time. You can write to your favorite author or musician, and you have a big chance of receiving an answer. The process of communication seems to be easier nowadays, there are no borders.

On the other hand, psychologists have reported that more modern people experience massive social anxiety than ever before. They simply feel more comfortable with online interaction than with face-to-face communication. Those processes have an obvious negative impact on your writing skills and creativity.


How to Find a Publisher?

When we`re talking about literature of, say, the beginning of the 20th century, it wasn`t that easy for aspiring writers to get recognition. They relied on publishing houses on a grand scale. If the book wasn`t published, nobody was able to read it. Therefore, the author`s hard work would never pay off.

Nowadays, if you`re writing essays, for example, and a publishing house isn`t so thrilled to give you a chance, you can just post your works online. There are various websites and blogging platforms where you can express yourself and show your talent.

It`s like posting a video of your singing on YouTube. There`s a chance that you`ll be discovered and become famous. Ask Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes. These boys know what we`re talking about. The more people see your works, the bigger the chance is that you`ll get the recognition you deserve.

Of course, at first you have to post them for free, but you have to at least begin the journey to the stardom. The more you write, the more effective your skills become.

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