Booming Trend of Fashionable Internet of Things

etgwrhwWe tend to forget things in our extremely busy schedule. We have a knack to lose our spectacles, keys, shoes, handkerchiefs, even the mobile. Talking of the mobile, we can give a ring to it from any other phone and it can easily be located. What about the other stuff? Won’t a day come when we will be literally able ‘to ring’ these lost materials? Well, that day has definitely arrived. Thanks to the Internet of Things. But the question is ‘what is fashionable Internet of Things’. Today the world is moved by this outrageous technology of IoT. It is the inter-connectivity of all the materials around us, including our garments and accessories via sensors that are impregnated in the articles. Approximately 10 million articles like apparels, footwear, accessories are now indisputably connected with each other, individually. And the unique property of ‘being found’ is the USP of these materials.

Turning On the New Fashion

The partnership between a global leader in branding, Avery Dennison and RFID solutions; has made the sturdy base of fashionable Internet of Thingspossible. Fashion is another name for the class, which is synonymous with the brands. Brands like Hugo Boss, Marks &Spencer’s, and Nike are expected to be seen with this booming technology in three years down the line. This new technology induced clothes, and accessories need special care and management. They cannot be washed or cleaned like the regular ones. The availability of the latest version of the same article and the capability of being able to upgrade itself, like an app on the phone, is yet to come. But we never know what is in store for us. There might be a day when we have an interactive closet and the garments of our choice will get automatically cleaned and ironed.


Fashion in Conjunction with Monitoring & Protection

At the Futurotextiles Expo, various ingenious garments were displayed. The garments had a different concept of fashion. It displayed changing T-shirt messages, alternating colours & patterns of the dress according to the mood of the wearer, body monitoring shirts, rompers that can monitor baby’s sleep and activities, pollution and UV rays protection suit, etc. With the flourishing fashionable Internet of Things, dynamic technology is interrelated rather both are entwined. Making the garments more personified, interactive and instructional for the user, has not only made it aesthetically gorgeous but also extremely beneficial for the business. It is able to utilize the real-time information analytics in issues like elevated efficiency in the supply chain and in verification of product in for increased brand preservation.

To ensure the safety of the people working in high-risk jobs, smart fabrics are designed. Sportspeople are relying more on the sportswear empowered with IoT. This not only tracks their performance but also analyses their day-to-day action. Automatic GPS tracker is embedded in the attire to trigger alert to the counterpart at your home to notify about your location at the time of emergency. To identify the joggers at night, illuminated suits are fabricated. Understanding the needs of the people will be the key to reaching amid them. Therefore, top wears with flashing LEDs or self-tweeting T-shirts doesn’t have its importance in our daily life. IoT should be able to make fashion comfortable as well as informative.

Progression of the Internet of Things


There are various techniques by which the textile designers, as well as the scientists, are trying very hard to improvise the implementation of the internet of things.The fabrics used to manufacture a garment are made with communicating and conductive threads that will result in interactive and environmentally responsive fibers, this will bring the world of communication near to each other. Meanwhile, the GPS system and the electronic circuit makers are giving the endeavour to make the systems compact and resistant to water and dust. This will enable the garments to become a part of our daily life without any hassle.A fascinating gadget of the modern times is the mobile.

It has captivated the global population. But as the technology advanced, the size of the mobile also increased. But how about wearing a mobile like gloves? It is definitely possible, Sean Miles designed a Bluetooth enabled gloves with an encapsulated microphone. Thus, when incorporated with a smartphone, enables to make and receive calls. This fabulous technology will be extremely helpful for the people working at low temperatures or working sites, athletes training in winter or monsoon, and for everyone who can’t take their gloves off in any extreme situations. In contrast to this technology, other manufacturers are working on building up a stainless steel fibre gloves, which will allow the users to access the touch screen mobiles.

The fashionable Internet of Things is a benefaction for the new era as well as the physically impaired. The connected shoes are best described as boots with brains. The heels of the boots are impregnated with chips that can adjust the height according to the wearer’s needs. The smart boot can track the data of your number of sprints, speed, stride rate, etc. There are also ‘talking boots’ which announces praises after the completion of your target. These phenomenal boots are helpful for the visually disabled people by telling them the direction after it loads the location in its system with the help of GPS.

The Next Phase of the Technology

With increased number of connected attire, the sensors around us will increase, leading to a sensor-led habitat. The garments will be able to communicate with each other, with stores and with various openings that are yet to be explored by us. It will create a communication system completely unknown and the prospect is very intriguing. The improvement in the path of Internet of Things completely depends on how we embrace the technology and vice versa. The technology should be able to make us feel complacent with it. This will not only make us the fashionista of the next era but also will help assist us in many situations which we could only dream of.

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