Top Companies of The Internet of Things

The popularity of the Internet in our time is difficult to overestimate. All who occupy the leading positions in this market have all the necessary tools and technologies for implementing new solutions. So, in recent years, the Internet of things has become one of the most sought-after niches of the IT market. And now we will talk about those companies that received the title of “leaders of the Internet of things.” Top-list of global giants in terms of the amount of implemented technologies can be divided into consumer and industrial.Let’s talk more specifically about the most developed companies in this field of development, make comparative analyzes of the work done and get acquainted with the analytical data.

Top companies of the Internet of things

1. Amazon Web Services. One of the most important attributes is the cloud storage. As is known to many, there is simply no equal in the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services. And there is nothing strange that it was this corporation that took first place. Its platforms make it much easier to create applications for IoT.

2. Google. When the concern bought Nest (a thermostatic company) for $ 3.2 billion, he demonstrated the seriousness of his plans. The company also showed itself in the development of IoT Google Brillo – an application created to more easily exchange information flows between devices.

3. Samsung is the largest electronics manufacturer in the world, but it also positions itself as a major player in this field. The company’s investment already amounted to $ 1.2 billion. To smart TVs, washing machines and refrigerators there was a startup SmartThings Hub.

4. Apple. The legendary manufacturer of consumer equipment also works in this industry. The list of smart watches and cars has recently been replenished with HomeKit technology for controlling the technology in a smart house.

5. It sounded on the leaderboard and Microsoft. The family Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Microsoft Azure will soon be supplemented with a new development with a user-friendly interface.

The American software development giant in Europe founded and launched the first laboratory where research is conducted, innovative implementations and practical applications in the field of Internet stuff.

The institution is located in Munich, Germany, where, in addition to the Microsoft laboratory, there are headquarters of large industrial companies, namely:

This center is not the first project in the world, as the corporation has opened similar organizations, which are still active, in Washington, DC and its state of Redmond, and in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

Nevertheless in Germany, similar technology laboratories were launched by other large companies IBM and Cisco Systems. Experts estimate the company IDC say that in 2016, the study of global technologies took about 178 billion dollars.6. Nokia – a well-known Finnish company in tandem with the American corporation in the field of IT technologies Hewlett Packard Enterprise began a strategic cooperation. Together, the two corporations succeeded in promoting products of the Internet of things for the corporate industry.

Both sides strive to develop and sell products used for the construction of smart cities and the production of industrial products. Partners plan to create IOT solutions for automation of remote enterprises and intelligent production. Thanks to innovative network solutions it will be possible to create “smart” communication systems in residential and industrial premises, lighting and other products.

Experts predict that by 2020 financial investments in this field will reach about 161 billion dollars. Despite the fact that the two largest corporations have become partners quite recently, they managed to conclude more than 25 contracts with telecom operators and many other customers of the corporate segment.

7. Lenovo. The founder of the company, Yan Yuanqing, plans to invest in the research and development of IOT, the automation of the workflow and artificial intelligence of about $ 1.2 billion within 4 years. The head of the group also said that he hopes to cooperate with experienced partners in this field of activity, Google and Amazon.

To date, a Chinese company competes with a well-known HP competently, controlling 20% of the global market and striving to win world leadership. To become more successful and expand opportunities, Lenovo founders decided to study the technologies of artificial intelligence, which annually and until March 2021 will be spent more than $ 1.2 billion.

Top companies of the Internet of things exist and in the industrial market.

This industry is a multi-level system, which consists of sensors, controllers, which are equipped with nodes and nodes of equipment at industrial facilities. In addition, it can include communication tools, analytical tools and data visualization.

If you believe the analytical forecasts, by 2030 the investment in industrial IOT will be $ 14 trillion. Agree, the data is impressive, but do not take them too seriously. The growth of this industry is very fast, during which some jumps are expected: the adoption of common standards and protocol parameters, as a result of which the risks of large financial investments will significantly decrease.

The solutions of the developers made it possible to bring the production process to a higher level.

The list was headed by:

1. Kaa is a cross-platform, multi-purpose environment for the IoT that allows you to build complex VGDA solutions, interconnected applications and other intelligent products, and shows great progress already today.

2. AT&T, this telecommunications network very quickly adapts to the needs of the Internet of things. For today, it already has several successful projects in this segment on energy consumption, transport management and software for the industry.

3. Axeda. M2M has been developing these products for a long time, actively integrating IoT and M2M, which makes it possible to remotely collect and process data from sensors and devices.

4. Cisco. Connections occur over routers and communication protocols. They are developed by this company.

5. General Electric has created the Predix platform to integrate machine data from the cloud and traditional databases.

Apparently, progress does not stand still. Internet of things is a fantasy in real life. If you want to become part of this future, ask for reliable IoT providers.

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