Will Eclipso Make a Big Move in Stargirl Season 3? It’s Possible!

Geoff Johnshas kept the details on season 3 of Stargirl pretty tight, meaning that there isn’t much information available yet. However, it’s not hard to predict where the show might go based on a few different factors. For example, the battle with Ecilpso was a prominent peak that might seem complicated to beat in season 3. But could Eclipso come back and impact the series even more than previously?

The Chance of Eclipso Coming Back? It could Be High!

AfterStargirl’s season 2 finale, with the defeat of Eclipso driving away many villains, season 3 could go in many directions. For example, the trailer headline “Frenemies” indicates that former friends could become enemies and vice versa. Could that apply to Eclipso? Many insiders believe that if Eclipso does come back, it won’t be until either late in season 3 or early on in season 4, depending on the overall plot.

However, there’s probably more of a chance that other villains that end up sticking around the area after the battle might try to ingratiate themselves with the team. Why would they want to do that? After seeing what the united and more benevolent JSA is capable of handling, they might be interested in either joining up with them or at least getting on their better side without getting in trouble.

That said, there is a possibility that they could be attempting to set up an Eclipso concern by creating a sense of calm. After all: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Could these villains be pulling a fast one on the JSA team? Well, let’s take a look at who’s likely to be among the major players this next season to get an idea of what might come up in season 3 and beyond.

Villains You Might See in Season 3

Fans who watched the season 2 finale were likely shocked when Sportsmaster and Tigress moved next door toStargirl’s familyat the end of the episode. This shocking moment was highlighted by the strangeness of the presentation: they came as friends with a basket and seemingly friendly smiles. Are they courting Stargirl and the JSA or is Johns setting them up as a potential conflict with them?

Furthermore, could Artemis Crock, Sylvester Pemberton, and the Shade end up showing up this season? After so much character work in previous seasons, it’s hard to imagine that Johns would let them go to waste. He is known for his expert character work and his ability to bring back characters for beautiful plot moments. Anticipate seeing a lot of great situations and scenarios throughout season 3.

Keeping Tabs on The Show

While season 3 hasn’t come out yet, it’s safe to say that the hype for season 4 has already reached high levels. The delays caused by COVID have already caused high excitement for season 3, which means that fans are likely to stick around at least through season 3. With Johns’ expert storytelling abilities, it’s expected that season 4 will reach even higher peaks than seasons 1 and 2.

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