What’s the Difference Between Silk, Mink, Faux, and Human Hair Lashes?

It goes without saying that if your objective is to become a professional lash artist, you need to deal with top-quality products and understand the difference between the main types of lash extensions.

Today, there’s a lot of confusion between the types of eyelash extensions. Not every beginning specialist understands the specifics of using each type. So, our purpose is to finally clear up any confusion you may have.

Synthetic Lashes

Broadly speaking, this is a general term widely used to describe thick lashes (0.20mm thickness and more). Sometimes, they are also called acrylic lashes and are mostly used by inexperienced lash makers. Simply put, these lashes are good for training.

Compared to other types of extensions, they are shinier, heavier and rougher. According to stacylash.com, for a more dramatic effect, you can recommend synthetic lashes to your clients. However, it is impossible to get a natural look with them; that’s why they are becoming less popular among women. However, there are salons that still use them just because acrylic lashes are cheaper.

Faux Mink and Faux Silk Lashes

These items also belong to the category of synthetic eyelash extensions. They are made from a plastic fiber, Polybutylene Terephthalate. The manufacturer usually heats the material and molds it into the desired lash shape using special machines. These lashes are widely used by a variety of salons today.

The choice is huge, but you shouldn’t opt for cheaper items. Too cheap lash extensions have stubbier ends. As a result, there may be a visible contrast between the client’s natural lashes and the extensions. Furthermore, some clients complain that they make them feel heavier on the eyes. However, you have to bear in mind that a lot depends on the manufacturer; never buy lash extensions that are too cheap.

Mink Eyelash Extensions

This type is in demand among women. Some mink extensions are made from mink fur (taken from the mink’s tail). However, these lashes are too expensive. More affordable items are made from the same synthetic fiber, Polybutylene Terephthalate.

The most distinctive feature of mink lashes is that they have tapered tips that can perfectly recreate the shape of the human eye. As a result, it is much easier to create a natural effect. This is why mink extensions are considered to be the most luxurious form today.

Mink lashes can be characterized as very soft, light and ultra-fine. Clients won’t feel any discomfort wearing them. Even after prolonged usage, they can still retain their softness.

Another great benefit of mink extensions is that they are very easy to apply and remove.

Silk Eyelashes

These lash extensions are made from silk. The main reasons why lash makers and clients choose these items are their feathery texture and softness. Besides, they are very comfortable to wear. However, silk eyelashes were at their most popular a few years ago, before the invention of mink lashes.
Silk lash extensions are softer and more flexible as compared to their synthetic analogs. Being slightly shinier than synthetic lashes, they can also keep their curl much better.

However, you should keep in mind that it is impossible to achieve a natural look with them. Mink extensions are much more natural looking! Even so, silk lashes are less “plastic” compared to acrylic ones.

Human Hair Lashes

When you browse the web searching for the best eyelash extensions, you’ll also find a variety of items called human hair lashes. Compared to mink extensions, they are thicker and lighter. Furthermore, they are very soft. They are often sold at a premium price and considered to be the best type of lash extensions due to the natural fibers they are made from.

However, you shouldn’t fall for this advertising. In fact, natural human hair lash extensions don’t exist. This is nothing more than a very good sales trick. Modern marketers understand that people prefer using natural items to their synthetic analogs. However, the so-called “human hair lash extensions” are of synthetic origin too.

The price of extensions made from natural hair would be sky high. Furthermore, they wouldn’t be able to retain their shape properly and it would be impossible to check whether the hairs have been ethically sourced. Even if you see that this or that online store selling human lash extensions, you should keep in mind that they are also of synthetic origin.


Today, lash extensions come in different length, curls and width to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. High-quality products can perfectly retain the curl and have a natural look. All you have to do is to choose a reliable supplier and a quality eyelash adhesive. If you value your reputation, try to avoid too cheap items that include harmful chemicals.

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