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“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination…”

Albert Einstein’s words reflect in everything that we do here at Extreme Marquees. Our endeavour is to provide the best portable, innovative, premium-quality, and safe outdoor shelters and entertainment venues across Australia. The quality of our event marquees are second to none and we don’t just say it. This is the unanimous opinion of several satisfied customers who’ve long become patrons.

Our custom event marquees have rewarded clients like Natalie for standing out, “The 2017 Elmore Field Days; we won the Best Static Display award. Thanks again!”

Or in case of Daniel, where not only did the marquees steal the limelight, they also withstood inclement weather bravely, “Everything from start to finish was good, and we are very happy with the way the marquee turned out. A lot of people agreed that we had the Best Marquee out there. It withstood strong winds, heavy rain, and hail; yet we kept going for over 12 hours without an issue. Mind you, getting the sandbags in the last minute was probably a life saver, as were the wheels…”

Extreme Marquees—the Advantage

We stock a wide range of innovative outdoor shelter solutions that can be used for a variety of professional, recreational, and extreme sporting and racing events. Our event marquees, along with our event tent accessories, create a veritable feast for onlookers and passers-by at any gathering; be it a market display stall, charity function, or a sporting event.

All our marquees, tents, and gazebos are available in an assortment of colours, sizes, shapes, as well as with custom printed branding solutions.

Design, Innovate, and Invent – The 3 Pillars of Success at Extreme Marquees

We have what it takes to manufacture commercial marquees which are tailor made as per your requirements. Our ability to design, innovate, and invent with just a concept is what separates us from competition.

Our veteran team of engineers have a proven record when it comes to creating outstanding folding marquees, printed pop-up tents, and event marquees, which is why Extreme Marquees was entrusted with designing a training module for Australia’s Olympic Swimming Team in 2011!

World’s First Inflatable Hypoxic Swimming and Cycling Training Modules – Created by Extreme Marquees

Launched in December 2011 at the NSW Institute of Sports, Homebush, Sydney, this patented inflatable hypoxic training module allows our elite Olympic swimmers to undertake altitude training.

The pool-based training system consists of an inflatable canopy covering two, 25-meters long, and 5-meters wide lanes of the Olympic swimming pool and simulates an environment similar to high-altitude regions around the world.

World Champion James Magnussen had said that he would use the system regularly, having never trained at altitude before, “It’s definitely going to contribute (to training for London),” Magnussen had observed. “I don’t think this itself will be a gold medal winner, but combine this with my training program I’ve already received and we’re most definitely well on the way.”

The inflatable training module was tested by Matthew Abood and Geoff Huegill as well, who were confident after the trial that they could have a significant edge with these modules.

The oxygen level inside this inflatable tent is the same as that at 3200 metres above sea level, allowing the swimmers to acclimatise themselves for high-altitude swimming around the world.

Prior to this custom inflatable tent, such training facility was only available at Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, Spain, Switzerland, and Mexico – making it difficult and more expensive for athletes to undergo regular trainings throughout the year.

Thrill and pride nearly burst our hearts as we saw our hard-work unfurling right in front of our eyes. We were glad to have been part of history. Here are some glimpses of the day:

The inflatable pool training module for the pool was designed after installing smaller hypoxic training modules for Olympic Cyclists.

Our efforts in collaboration with NSWIS were recognised by prominent media channels such as The Australian, Swimmers Daily, Game On! Magazine, and Swim Swam.

Extreme Marquees has made an impact internationally too!

The Qatar Soccer Team needed two inflatable training marquees which were designed by Extreme Marquees upon request of Aspetar.

The sprint training custom inflatable tent measuring 45x2x2.7 meters, and the portable hypoxic gym tent measuring 12×14 meters, were installed by the staff of Extreme Marquees in 2013. Apart from customised tents, we’ve also designed hypoxic inflatables covering beds of athletes during sleeping.

The innovation doesn’t end with Olympics and sports, for we’ve taken it a notch higher with Trevor Slaughter!

Image credits: Mickey Thompson TV

Yep, we know Trevor, the beloved Logan resident, who is set to become the first Australian to drive a wheeled vehicle at an astounding 800kph. We were responsible for providing a portable workshop and garage in the form of a large inflatable marquee for Trevor.

Designing customised inflatable canopies and marquees for events at such a massive scale, and for customers of such important stature has given us a definitive edge over our contemporaries. Our competent team can design virtually anything you require. Whether you want printed pop-up tents, inflatable canopies, or event tent accessories, we’re more than happy to oblige and we promise, your tent WILL stand out from the crowd. Just take a look at what our happy clients have to say about our products!

“Our marquees and wonderful table covers – people are always asking us where we got them. We love the zippers on the back that allows keeping things secure, along with easy accessibility to get things out too.” – Annette

“Our banners look fantastic, thank you! And we had had heaps of people asking for your details, which we gladly passed on. Thanks so much for your interest and business.” – Shauna

“The two marquees that we have purchased from you are amazing and they stand out wherever we have them erected. You can certainly use them for advertising.” – Cheryl

“My marquee is excellent and many people comment on its strength and how the colour stands out. I’ve become adept at erecting it at markets. It keeps the water out when it rains. I have no complaints at all. A number of my market friends have asked me where I bought it so they too can purchase one.” – Debra

“My whole ordering experience was top-notch; fast delivery and very informative chatting experiences. I am completely happy with my new marquee. I went with black everything which may seem like an unusual choice to most… but I cannot believe how cool (temperature) the black marquee roof and walls are. It keeps the heat out and that’s important for my leather products.” – Stacey

“We are extremely happy with the service we received; the quick turnaround for our order and the final product. Our marquee has been a hit, and it has received a lot of notice at the events we have taken part at, recently!” – Celeste

“The marquee is fantastic. We used it for an event not long ago, and received a lot of compliments for it. Thank you guys so much. The whole process was easy.” – Amy-Lee

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