Top 10 Oddest Kids’ Drawings

Aren’t children the most adorable things ever? The way they ask their silly questions, how they play together.. and the incredibly unsettling drawings that their overactive imaginations create. The ten teacup humans behind these creepy illustrations may appear to be normal, creative children… but the twisted imaginations behind some of these sketches make us think twice about what normal really means.

10. When Animals Attack

when animals attack

This drawing wouldn’t be so bad without what looks like the unfortunate drops of red and the all-too-complacent smile. What we’re assuming was meant to be a playful sketch of… oh, who are we kidding. This totally depicts a demon-mouse creature gnawing on the skinny legs of a person that’s enjoying it just a little too much; and those drops of red? They’re too convenient to be accidental drops from Mom’s nail polish. This is the product of a child that needs to watch a little more Spongebob and less Willard.

9. Imaginary Friend

imaginary friend

Scribbled down on a napkin for mom and dad to post on the fridge or a cry for help from a child whose imaginary friend is a crazy hybrid of an insect and some starry-eyed extraterrestrial that’s trying to take over their body? This rather innocent depiction of two friends is made quite unusual – and creepified quite a bit – by the 10-handed, 4-legged, 2-mouthed monstrosity whose head is gently separating from its body. Unable to escape its grasp is the conforming boy or girl that drew this picture, forced to add a smile and similar stars around their eyes as not to tip off the creature that their truly scared… Or maybe those are just eyelashes?

8. The Family Portrait

family portrait

This picture has all the makings of a piece of refrigerator perfection with just enough horrifying truth to force the parents of its creator to hide it in the lockbox. Big-handed, black-eyed dad, and his balding, gun-wielding wife overlook an incredibly deformed sister; but that’s not the horrific part. The illustrator is forced to live like a caged animal with these over-sized creeps of nature. The caged artist dreams of escaping their prison, but they’ll have to do so without being caught by dad’s black-hole eyes, which see everything when not blocked by gigantic, knife fingers. This looks like the sketched beginnings of a fantastic CreepyPasta.

7. The Broken Woman

the broken woman

The horror industry has shown that there’s something insanely creepy about the human figure being bent out of proportion, and the kid behind this incredibly unsettling illustration solidifies that fact all-the-more. There’s really no telling what’s going on here, and that may be for the best. The odd figure on the left is bent over in unnatural ways with what looks like beady eyes staring us down. On the left, there’s an uncomfortably chipper fellow with stringy black hair gazing wide-eyed off into a vast nothingness, as if the hands of madness are pulling him deeper into insanity. The incoherence between the two may actually be a terrifying part of this drawing.

6. Mommy’s Grave

bad leprechaun

There’s a whole lot of happiness going on in this photo. Dancing, a smiling sun, a father and child skipping gleefully… over the grave of their deceased wife and mother. Cultures across the globe handle death in a variety of different ways, but there is a rather heavy uncomfortableness from this picture. Everyone seems just a little “too” happy, as if mommy’s death wasn’t so much an accident but rather an elaborate plot between a mentally abusive father and a child who simply wants to do as daddy says. Even the bright, yellow sun is manipulated into enjoying this unceremonious grave dance. We’re onto you, insane, creepy father.

5. Crazy Big Tower

crazy big tower

There’s too much going on in this drawing for us not to be completely disturbed by it. Starting from the top, people are jumping from the Crazy Big Tower down towards the “Lava Guy” below. That Lava Guy, we’re assuming, is none other than a fiery red Satan, waiting to claim the souls of those trapped in the tower. Below the roof is a level dedicated solely to the “Suicide Door”. Why? We’re definitely not ones to question the child that drew this. Finally, we have Maniac Man and his four victims, people we are going to have to assume don’t survive the insanity of Crazy Big Tower.

4. Dad’s Face

chinese torture

Let’s try to break down what’s most eerie in this picture. Is it the one-eyed, gleeful mother who seems to have thrown a black cat? Or is it the scarecrow-like figure who also has one eye and was strung up by a noose? No, it’s the young child on the floor, flipping aimlessly through a book as he looks back at his sinister mother to ask “Mommy, why not let see dads face?” What happened to dad’s face that we can’t see it? Is that daddy hanging from the noose? The sole red eye of the lynched figure seems to be staring right at us while its stitched mouth tries to answer that completely unnerving question: Why not let see dad’s face?

3. The Talking Boy

the taking boy

If you have a child that’s rather ecstatic about their imaginary friend, before you jump on the excitement-train with them, ask to have them draw their friend. Should it look anything like Julian’s friend here, The Talking Boy, call in an exorcism and never speak of the situation again. What’s really disturbing about this family portrait is that the illustrator clearly knows that normal people have facial features and hair, so drawing The Talking Boy as a black blob of despair was definitely no accident or a lack of creative flair. That’s The Talking Boy – a void of space in the form of a human child that likely whispers of awful, awful things.

2. Hanser’s Coffee Shop

hanser's coffee shop

Hanser’s Coffee Shop was once a great place to get a steaming cup of joe… until Little Bobby looked deep into his soul and turned it into the site of a massacre of Purge-like proportions. The bodies lying in pools of blood and knives sticking from their guts are one thing, but it’s the far-too-happy faces of those responsible for the murders that turn this picture from slightly unsettling to grotesquely creepy. There are so many questions we have for the mind behind this portrait, the most important being: “Should we avoid any Hanser’s Coffee Shop’s we come across?”

1. This is Lisa

the lisa

This is Lisa. Lisa died tragically and now haunts the world as a vengeful spirit straight out of a J-horror film. Make her mad and she’ll make you sleep. Forever. Assuming the tale of Lisa is nothing but the imagination of a twisted youngin’ is actually far more terrifying than if Lisa were real. This girl created an incredibly creepy looking figure that murders people that are mean to her and, throughout the course of her story, killed off her father and teacher… but at least, she took a break from her overt creepiness to explain that pudding is her favorite – because that’s not sadistic behavior or anything.

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