Tips to Ride the Motorcycle with a Passenger

This article is and overview on how to safely ride a motorcycle with a passenger. There are several aspects you have to pay attention when taking somebody on your motorcycle. Due to additional momentum and weight, you need to consider those additional factors such as loss of acceleration and longer distances for braking the bike.

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To ensure the passenger feels comfortable on the bike, try to be as smooth as possible, merely if that’s the first time they hop on a motorcycle. A pleasant experience is paramount for others further on. Always ensure that the passenger has the appropriate riding gear. God forbid you to go down! Not only will you face a hight risk of injuries, but the passenger – is they don’t use the appropriate gear such as a quality helmet, tight jacket, gloves, pants, and boots. Quality equipment saves lives!

Once you hop on the bike and have started it, make sure the passenger to have mounted properly, from the left side. They should grab your left shoulder with their left hand and place their left foot on the left passenger’s foot peg. While ensuring a clean and comfortable standing position, the passenger will place the foot on the right footrest, leaning his hands against the tank, gripping the back handles, or around you.

As a motorcycle driver, you must ensure you are as careful as possible when negotiating curves or taking turns. These are some of the most tricky situations, and you may easily lose control due to added weight and momentum. Passengers, particularly heavy ones, have to follow the lean angle of the bike and look through over the right driver’s shoulder.

If the passenger asks for any adjustment during the trip, tell them to try to save it for stops in order to avoid imbalance on the bike. Moving around or repositioning the hands in a completely different position might increase the risks of accidents.

When stopping the motorcycle, be careful with pushing the brakes smoothly, look straight ahead, and grip the handlebars firmly to be able to stop balanced and safely.

When dismounting, let the passenger know when you are ready. Shallow accidents can also happen when dismounting. The dismounting must be done in the reverse order of the mounting explained above.

With the hope that these directions are going to decrease the chances of having an accident, I wish you have a very good time and enjoy riding!

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