Most Weird Beauty Accessories Made in Japan

Number 15. The Electric Beauty Lift High Nose straightens and lifts the noise using vibrations. Priced at $83, this device is a bargain compared to thousands upon thousands of dollars needed for rhinoplasty. This gadget seems to be quite popular amongst Japanese women, and it’s only a matter of time before more people catch on to it.The Electric Beauty Lift High Nose

Number 14. Don’t just sit around wishing for a wider, squishier face. Take action with this ” cheek muscle training” tool that allegedly stretches your skin to prevent it from sagging. Setting aside the fact that the silicone muzzle makes you look like a human blowup doll, we’re not sure people want to use something that claims to expand our face. We’ll leave that to Mother Nature, thank you very much.bigan-face-expander

Number 13. For the low price of $308, you can buy yourself a fancy little contraption that manually pries your painful ingrown toenail from its nail bed with two hooks and a tiny crank. Proceed at your risk with this scary tool. Or better yet, call a doctor.contraption nails

Number 12. For those who have always struggled with their vocals or who have simply wanted to change their speaking tone, the Beauty Voice Trainer comes to the rescue. It is a soother-like mouthpiece that helps position the tongue in such a way as to open the voice passage way, which often rests in a restricted position. The Beauty Voice Trainer also develops a dulcet voice by increasing abdominal breathing, which is necessary for singing, and comes with a tuning fork that helps women achieve the notes they want. It should be used five minutes a

Number 11. The Rhythm Slim Chin Muscle Exercise is essentially a beauty gadget that is held between the chin and chest. It exercises the neck and jaw muscles through the act of resistance and stimulation. People are recommended to use it once a day for three minutes in intervals of 10 seconds. According to Japan Trend Shop, it is particularly useful for anesthesiologists.The Rhythm Slim Chin Muscle Exercise

Number 10. The brush on this makeup tool swivels back and forth to draw a crease along hooded eyelids. We’re a little distracted by the fact that the brush appears to be a plastic, pizza-cutter-like wheel that you dig into your eye area, which seems more harmful than helpful.The brush

Number 9. Whether it’s lack of sleep, stress or both is immaterial; the point is you want those pesky eye bags gone. The Net-renowned Japan Trend Shop has made available a novel cure that purports to reduce the sagging of skin within minutes. Simply place the device under your eyes for three minutes per day and its minuscule vibrators and heating pads will leave you fresh-faced, and feeling great.pesky eyes tool

Number 8. Based on its design, the only thing more terrifying than this stretchy mask is a wrinkled face, apparently. After five minutes a day, the Faceweaver claims to stretch and tighten the skin and facial muscles for a younger, more radiant you. It’s also great to scare the little kids.stretchy mask face

Number 7. The Face Upper is like a cross between a retainer and a mouth guard. Simply insert for the recommended three minutes per day and apply pressure. This will gradually make your mouth and cheeks “appear more youthful, tighter and healthier.”The Face Upper

Number 6. There are intensive cosmetic procedures that could be done to accomplish this facial alteration, but there is also the Eyelid Trainer from Japan Trend Shop for those who are less inclined towards drastic surgical methods. According to the product page, this device is meant to be worn for at least five minutes each day. Like a pair of very unusual glasses, with the wire frames fitting right into the creases of the eyelid, this device is supposedly training the eyes to become more emphasized.Eyelid Trainer

Number 5. The headband works by stretching the skin outward, so it doesn’t bunch together and create wrinkles. To make this effect work even better, the silicone and hyaluronan compound materials on the band moisturize and support the skin. Japan Trend Shop says the headband is so lightweight that one can barely recognize it’s there.headband

Number 4. Meet the hands-free Shake Weight for your face. Just stick the end of this little vibrating gadget in your mouth and let the intense pulsations magically melt away your excess fat, fine lines, all signs of aging, and even the scars you got as a kid.hands-free Shake Weight

Number 3. Like a Dyson vacuum for your boobs, this femininely pink sucker will gently unstick even the most stubborn of “innie” nipples. And don’t worry, the attachments come in three sizes, guaranteeing that no nipple will be left unfreed.Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 15.16.14

Number 2. There’s no need actually to be happy as this little device will make you look that way without all the pressure. By biting into the mouthpiece once a day for five minutes, anyone can create that celebrity smile. The mouthpiece improves the angles and balance of your face and cheeks while simultaniously strengthening your gums and teeth. If you want to fix that crooked smile or just resemble the joker, then this is the perfect device for you.The mouthpiece

Number 1. Developed by Takiko Shindo, a celebrity midwife and writer who is famed for her miraculous “breast gymnastics”, this is a convenient tool that anyone can use by themselves in their home. When the shape of your bust collapses, it’s caused by the ligaments clinging to the muscles. With this helping “hand” you can separate them and return your breasts to their original buoyant beauty.Takiko Shindo

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