How To Take Care of Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions are a top beauty trend many women employ on a regular basis. And the progress gave us an ability to enjoy perfect magic eyelashes without worrying too much about losing them permanently during sleep, water procedure or makeup routine. However, in order to keep your lash extensions in good shape for longer than a week or two, you must be careful and follow some common truths that we are going to describe in this brief feature.

7 Simple Tips to Elongate Your Magic Lashes’ Lifetime

Normally, these recommendations should be given by your makeup expert, however, not to miss any basic aspects, here’s a checkbox for you just in case.

  • Be extra careful during the extension day. The extension glue becomes firm in seconds once it’s applied, but the lashes are still fragile in the first day of their extension and become sturdier later on. Be extra careful with them, try not to touch them at all and expose them to water.
  • Don’t let any oils or alcohol-based solutions get to extensions. After the extension procedure, you’re going to have to revise your set of skincare products and exclude any oil- and/or denaturated alcohol-based liquids. All such makeup will provoke the loss of adhesive properties, the lashes will become rarer, and fall out faster. Micellar water is what should be your ‘beauty weapon of choice’ – the safest and highly-efficient way to remove makeup out there.
  • Don’t use eyelash curlers. Those extra curls won’t be worth it in the long run. And devices such as the eyelash curlers are prohibited during extending the lashes. They may break separate hairs spoil the overall texture and form of the whole composition.
  • Sleep is your enemy. During sleep, you can damage the lashes by rubbing it against the pillow. Will have to get used to sleeping on your back or sides, it’s healthier that way anyway.
  • Don’t use lash mascara. It is recommended to avoid applying mascara to your lashes. Decorative mascara cannot be harmful to extended lashes at first glance, but the formula of a high-endurance, a waterproof product may conflict with the adhesive base of the extensions and cause allergies, eye rashes, and infections.
  • Don’t stay in hot, humid places for long. A water mask or goggles would probably help, otherwise, water is a no-go for extensions. If you get them wet, carefully dry them with a delicate napless towel (not a cotton pad).
  • Regularly comb lashes that stick together. Use a clean rake comb (such accessories are sold specifically to be used with eyelashes). Repeat the ritual as frequently as you adequately feel (combing them too often decreases the expiry date of magic lashes, though).

Last but Not Least…

A key to naturally healthy, aesthetically astounding artificially extended lashes lies in the proper treatment of your newly-made beauty enhancement.

If you decide to take the extensions off, better to not do it at home and go to the expert who, for that purpose, uses a professional lash glue remover for eyelash extensions. This way, you’ll avoid all possible damage you might do to your natural lashes. Otherwise, if you’re still doing it manually disregarding the recommendations, use an oil-rich cream, vaseline or regular cooking oil. Apply the liquid on your extensions and wait 15-20 minutes. Then, delicately remove the liquid with a cotton pad and carefully try to take out lashes with your fingers. Never use pincers or such things, tearing your lashes out aggressively. You’ll risk damaging follicles of your natural lashes, harming them permanently.

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