Why Haven’t You Gotten This Saw Yet?

If you are a DIY enthusiast, it doesn’t make sense if you don’t already have a circular saw as part of your toolset. How else do you cut stuff? Using a handsaw? That’s so not cool. It’s exhausting, takes a lot of time; in a nutshell, it’s just not efficient. It’s not fun either. A circular saw is more interesting to work with; it’s fun and efficient. It’s affordable, powerful, and you can do so many amazing things with it. Things like:

Cut Everything

A circular saw is a very powerful tool. Furthermore, it is versatile and those who love it (me among others) love it due to this fact. You can use the tool to cut any material you often work with in your DIY projects. If you are working with wood, it’s a no-brainer; there is no wood a circular saw won’t cut. If you are working with metal, it can cut that also. It can even cut stones, concrete, and pretty much anything you want it to. It comes with different blades for different purposes. Just switch the blades for the task at hand and you are good to go. As a DIY enthusiast, you can see why it doesn’t make sense for you not to have such a powerful and convenient tool in your toolbox.

Build Everything

Because the circular saw can cut over 90% of the materials you’ll need it to cut, it makes it possible for you to use it in over 90% of your projects. Once you realize the power and convenience of this power saw, it may be the only tool you will ever need for cutting stuff. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself using it to cut pizza, albeit that may be messy. The thing is just that this tool is so convenient; you will want it available for all your projects.

The ability to cut materials into any shape and interesting patterns is one that’s very attractive for any DIY enthusiast. This tool enables you to do just that. Whether it’s a tree house you are building, shelves for the kitchen, birdhouses as a hobby, a door or even a board game for having fun with your kids, this handy tool will prove invaluable. You can use it for the smallest projects as well as the biggest ones. Furthermore, there are various ways you can use it.

The circular saw comes in a portable format and if you need it fixed for bigger projects, you have that option. You can use it to cut large pieces of plastic, wood, or metal. You can use it with stones and concrete, albeit that will need skill and precision. You can also turn it into a table saw. A table saw is essentially a version of the circular saw. The principle is the same; it’s the application that is slightly different.

Due to its portability, the fact that you can switch it’s blades for various tasks, as well as the fact that you can set the saw for specific projects, the circular saw is one of the most versatile tools you are likely to come across. In fact, the applications of the circular saw are so many that there are different versions of the saw:

  • Biscuit Joiner
  • Abrasive Saw
  • Cold Saw
  • Brushcutter
  • Carbide Saws
  • Concrete Saw
  • Flip over saws
  • Table Saw
  • Panel Saw
  • Multi-tool (power tool)
  • Miter saw
  • Radial Arm Saw
  • Pendulum saw
  • Sally Saw

All of the above are the same saw with different names. Moreover, all these names have been coined from the various applications of the circular saw.

By the way, the circular saw has been around for over three centuries now. It’s no wonder there are so many applications of the tool. It is just so convenient in many scenarios that people can’t help finding new ways of using it. Another, by the way, is that the circular saw is often called the Skil-Saw. The reason behind this is that the company ‘Skil’ was the first company that most people came to associate the saw with. The company was the pioneer of patented circular saws and over the years most people who owned or came across the circular saw, it was probably from that company. Nevertheless, you can still consider it a ‘skill saw’ because it does require skill to master its various applications and indeed, it is a tool that enables one to perform so many amazing things.

A circular saw is a necessary tool for your DIY projects. It’s powerful, convenient, affordable, portable, and has so many applications. I seriously can’t picture a DIY enthusiast without such a useful tool. I mean, how do you deal with your projects without such a versatile and basic tool. To me, it is a basic need as far as DIY is concerned!

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