It’s Time You Got Yourself a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Some people lose their minds so easily; people watch The Terminator and think that robots are going to rule over humankind in the future. Do you believe that? Are you one of those people who lose their minds that easily? Robots are the future but they will always be under our command, regardless of how sophisticated they get. Speaking of the future, it is here. Have you met a robovac yet? In full, a robovac is a robot vacuum cleaner. Yes, it enables you to just lie there or go about with other businesses while it cleans your floors for you. Do you like that? Let’s see what it has to offer and why you should consider investing in one.

Before we discuss robovacs, no, it will not take over your home or anything of that sort. Something most people forget about robots, even AI (artificial intelligence), is that these are programs and they will never do anything outside their programming. Until the day we will learn to manipulate consciousness such that we can transfer our consciousness from one body to another or even create consciousness, no machine is ever going to be smart enough to take over humanity. We are the smartest and most sophisticated creatures this universe has to offer.

Robot vacuum cleaners are available at a smaller scale than the average conventional vacuum cleaner most are accustomed to. Most of them are cylindrical and low enough to fit under tables and alternative furniture with low bases. They are great for those who just don’t like vacuuming or don’t have the time to vacuum due to their daily busy schedule. If you want to know just how amazing they are and how much they can change your life, read Sara Farrell Baker’s story and see the difference this item can make in your life.

One of the amazing things about robovacs is that they come with various features to suit the situations of different people. Some of them come with HEPA filters for those with allergies and others are specially made to handle fur. Look for a robot vacuum for cleaning pet hair if you have animals in your home and would like a robovac that can handle their mess effectively. Otherwise, most robovacs are built to handle most of the environments found in most homes that contain carpets, wooden floors, and ceramic floors, among others. iRobot is the leading company that makes these gadgets, so you may want to start there when you start your search for one that will make cleaning easier for you.

Some robovacs come with remote controls while others can be programmed using an app on your phone and they will clean your home according to the schedule you give them, unsupervised. That’s how intelligent they are. I mean, think of how much time you spend vacuuming or worrying that you haven’t vacuumed, or worrying that you are going to vacuum and how much time and effort it’s going to take. A decent robovac is quite expensive, around $300, but if you consider how much time and energy it is going to save you within a year, you’ll soon realize that it’s worth the money. If you read Baker’s story above, you’ll see my point.

A robovac is a gadget that you are likely to fall in love with once you get one but don’t take things too far. In Japan, there already are androids that people are buying to spend their time with. It will be no surprise that people will completely fall in love with robots once they are sophisticated enough to live among us, but that won’t be you. Like anything technology grants us, robots are neutral in terms of benevolence and malevolence. We give them the quality we see fit.

Robovacs are gadgets intended to help you clean your home easily without stressing much about it. You get the machine, tell it when it should do its duty, and you go on with other businesses as you wish. By the way, in Japan, people are already in love with their androids – by android, I don’t necessarily mean smartphones but robots that resemble human beings and intelligent enough to engage in conversations. I won’t be surprised if some people establish the same relationship with their robovacs, but that goes to show you how much they appreciate the job they do for them.

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