How Robotic Vacuums Work and why You Should Consider a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

5t45t4One of the chores that most people dislike is vacuuming. It is boring, tiring and monotonous and in this fast-paced world, it consumes a lot of time.

For the majority, a robot vacuum is a game changer and a great way to keep the house clean without exerting too much energy and saving on time.

So, what is a robot vacuum cleaner? According to Wikipedia, it is a powerful, disk-shaped, small machine with sensors. The owner can schedule it to vacuum the floors when busy with something else.Robot vacuum cleaners are available in

Robot vacuum cleaners are available in different price range and their prices go down as technology develops. This makes them affordable to the average consumer. Besides, one can use them, together with other vacuum cleaners to make sure they have a clean home.

Is the robot vacuum cleaner worth buying? Before considering to buy one, here is a detailed information on how it works and the benefits of buying one.


How Robotic Vacuums Work

Most of the robotic vacuum cleaners maneuver with the help of non-driven caster wheels and drive wheels. The number of wheels depends on the model in question.

The robot has several sensors inside and beneath that provide information about its surroundings –like detecting cliffs, walls or stairs, the distance covered) and also the condition of its electronics.

Similar to standard vacuum cleaners, the robot has several motors; a motor to produce suction and other motors used to rotate the brushes so as to sweep the dirt in the direction on the suction.

When not working, the robot cleaner sits on its docking station. REMEMBER: both the robot and its docking station should be in an open and easily accessible place; keep them away from closets and other congested areas as they make it hard for the robot to move around and back to its station.

The primary role of the docking station is to charge the batteries of the robot in between the cleaning sessions. The station uses a “V” shaped light beam -which covers a distance of around 6 feet- to beacon the robot back to the station so that it does not lose its way.

During cleaning sessions, if the battery run out or the session is over, the robot vacuum cleaner heads back to the station with the help of the light beam.

For the few robot vacuum models without a docking station, the owners have to connect them to a charging outlet when the batteries run out. The robot owners should only use the power supply unit provided when purchasing the robot.

Once the user sets a schedule for cleaning, the robot leaves the docking station at the given time and only heads back when it completes the cleaning session or when the battery is down.In a situation where the battery runs low before the cleaning session is over, the robot vacuum cleaner stops cleaning immediately and heads back to the station.

The robot has a program memory where the cleaning schedule is embedded and by following some simple instructions the users can set their preferable schedule.


Why Buy A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

For the majority of people wondering if a robotic vacuum cleaner is worth investing in, here are 7 reasons why they should consider purchasing one:

1. No Operating Manually

For individuals suffering from physical illnesses or mobility problems, a robot vacuum cleaner is the ideal cleaning machine for them. It enhances their cleaning routine without imposing or making their situation worse. All they have to do is turn it on and leave it to clean.

Since robotic vacuums have different sensors, they are able to clean independently without the user operating them manually. So, there is no need for the user to stand, move around or bend to ensure the work is done.

Robot vacuum cleaners are also the perfect cleaning devices for elderly persons with joint pain or arthritis ailments. A wide range of these machines just need a cleaning schedule and usually little maintenance.

2. Saves Time

In the current world where time is money, most individuals cannot afford time wastage. Several families with working guardians and young kids, cleaning is a tiring and time-consuming task, particularly in big homes.

A robotic vacuum is the ideal cleaning machines in such homes since it works independently without the need of supervision. Purchasing one saves on time and energy.

3. Can Clean Even When The Owner Is Away

What could be better than the ability to clean the house while one is away? As discussed earlier plenty of robotic vacuummodels such as iRobot Roomba can be set to clean at given times of the day (Source: Best4yourhome). Apart from the initial programming, the rest the machine will work on its own.

The machine can be extremely useful during business trips, vacations or at any other time when the owner is away from the house for long periods. This is one of the key reasons why people should own a robot vacuum cleaner.

4. Automatically Adjust The Cleaning Settings

In most homes, some areas on the floor are dirtier compared to others. Typically, areas with more foot traffic like living rooms, kitchen and the lobby are the dirtiest.

For that reason plenty of robotic vacuums have sensors that detect the amount of debris and dirt in a given area, allowing them to automatically change the cleaning settings. The amount of time taken to clean a specific area depends on how dirty the area is.

5. Automatically Detects Different Surfaces

Vacuum settings depend on the type of the floor. That is the reason why several robotic vacuums are endowed with sensors that help detect different floor surfaces.

The owner should not worry about the carpet, tiles or wood as these cleaning machines can automatically adjust to any floor surface change.

In addition, they can detect walls and stairs and automatically avoid them to prevent damage to the device.

6. Can Go Underneath The Furniture And In Corners

Since they are small in size, the robotic vacuums have excellent maneuverability. They go underneath furniture and all the corners, areas that a typical vacuum cleaner may find difficult to reach.

7. Low Maintenance

Robot vacuum cleaners require low maintenance compared to manual vacuum cleaners. These devices are of very high quality, thus durable.

The owner is only supposed to replace the carrier or empty the bag from time to time. Also, ensure the floor is clear of clutter or other objects that can damage the cleaning machine.


The above, are just a few reasons why a homeowner should consider investing in a robot vacuum cleaner but they are the most important. Even if the most expensive robotic models have the best features, all robot vacuum cleaners are flexible, effective and convenient.

Robotic vacuums are an excellent idea for daily cleaning, particularly for homeowners with uncluttered floors so the machine can move around freely.

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