How To Add Some More Creativity to Your Billboard Ads

If you’re not familiar with O.O.H (out-of-home) advertising, the process of planning a billboard ad may seem overwhelming and complicated. We’ll walk you through the procedures you need to release a billboard ad that gets people talking. Read on to find out more about how to add some more creativity to your billboard ads.

Choose The Right Colour

The use of colour in a design can make or break a billboard ad. While it’s important to use your brand colours, you should also consider the environment of your billboard when making your selection.

If your billboard is located on the city’s outskirts, where there is a lot of greenery, you should avoid using colours like green and brown in your advertisement so that it stands out. Of course, as the year moves on, these colours can change. The beauty of usingdigital billboardsmeans you can change your advertising so that it continues to be noticed. This could even be part of your campaign.

The Best Location

For campaigns on billboards, the location of your advertisement is the deciding factor. Research your audience and come up with potential areas where you can reach the different demographic groups that make up your intended target market.

In order to stay at the top of your customers’ minds when they approach a shopping centre where your shop is located, you could try to position your billboard in the city centre close to shopping centres and fashion retail outlets, for instance, if you want to target fashion aficionados.

What Are Your Key Advertising Objectives?

Always think about the end result you want from your billboard when making design decisions.

Whether you’re trying to increase in-store sales, boost brand awareness, or encourage online interaction with your audience, it’s important to keep your marketing goal in mind and make sure your staff understands it while they craft their ad copy.

Make Your Billboard Interactive

There is a possibility that you will be able to have your design interact with the environment if your billboard is placed in a particular spot. By doing so, your advertisement stands out and attracts the attention of walkers and motorists who are passing it by.

Have Strong Imagery

When it comes to creating an eye-catching O.O.H ad, it’s all about the visuals. The power of a good image lies in its ability to evoke feelings, trigger associations, and prompt a fast reaction.

Make use of striking visuals to get your point across; simplicity is best, but don’t get too cutesy with your designs. The moment will pass before your audience can decipher your meaning.

Be Straight Forward

There is such a thing as too much creativity when it comes to billboards. Don’t try too hard to make something complicated and fancy. Be clear about what you want to say, and make sure it’s easy to understand. Remember that people who see the billboard will only see it for a few seconds, so they won’t have time to solve puzzles and figure out complicated messages. You don’t want people to see your billboard and not understand what it says or what you do.

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