What does the modern worker look for in an ideal employer?

As the modern workforce becomes more educated, more specialized, and more able to work remotely, there is a greater choice of employers available to skilled workers than before. With this in mind, one of your priorities as an employer should be to make your business appealing to valuable workers that you hope to attract in your company.

Continue reading and see what you need to have to attract and maintain a valuable employee in your business.


Research done in the year 2017 showed that almost a third of Britons worked from home at least one day a week, with remote working contributing £167 billion to the United Kingdom’s economy per year. With a strong services economy, this is unsurprising, and the number has only risen since then. Being able to offer degrees of flexibility to workers in different situations can make you enormously attractive to many modern workers.

Workers looking to balance work with family life or with duties as carers can have their lives enormously improved by a style of work which gives them the option to build their schedule around both their work and other responsibilities. If this also reduces the amount that they need to commute, which can be the most stressful part of the day for many people, this can also positively affect your employees’ health and performance.

A focus on employee well-being

Mental health is an issue which has come increasingly to the fore of the national conversation – which is only right since one in four people in Britain will struggle with mental health during their life. It is therefore imperative that you find some level of well-being support system for your employees to help anyone who needs it with their mental health at work.

While there are many options available for building a well-being system, one of the most cost-effective is found at https://www.lifeworks.com/uk/. Lifeworks is a digital unified total well-being platform and is the world’s largest Employee Assistance Program (EAP). It is trusted by organizations worldwide including the Savoy hotel, Doc Martens and London City Airport.

The platform draws on networks of professionals across the planet and creates a portal for them to offer their expertise to the needs of clients. Platforms such as this can put modern employees at ease that their needs will be considered.

Modern digital platforms for enhanced group work

New technologies such as Slack have revolutionized the speed and efficiency with which teams can work on projects, communicating and sharing data and work more efficiently than before. It is also a good idea to have a policy of checking in regularly with employees to see how they are doing and discuss the company’s direction with them, as this has been shown to increase employee trust and confidence in the company. With home workers, this can be done easily over Skype or similar services.

Better perks for special talent

Every other company is looking for a talent that will spur business to high profitability. That means you could be having that employee who is highly productive snatched from you by your competitor and this could dip your revenues. to avoid such preparations, you must pay them handsomely. Consider a good insurance cover, retirement plan, paid sick days and such.

Set rewards pegged on performance

Every human is motivated by rewards. One of the ways that you can use to attract and keep a good employee is by introducing a reward system that is attached to performance. What is your target as a company? Every employee should have set targets which should be accomplished within a period and set rewards for those that meet and exceed targets.

Allow employees to pursue other things

Give your employees the freedom to pursue other things like some freelance work, work-study and such. As long as the employee has accomplished their assignments and set targets in time, then allowing them to pursue other activities would motivate them to do even better.

The most important resource in a company or any institution is the human resource. The better the work conditions, the higher the productivity. That is why an employer must devise a system that will attract and maintain great talents. No great brand without great employees.

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