Two Ways of Investment: Traditional Vs. Comparatively New

g5tgtyeghtyThe difficult economic situation in the country, the destabilization of the economy, a decline in nearly all sectors, inflation – all this inexorably reduces the financial result of any type of investment. Today, it is already irrelevant to talk about traditional bank deposits as a way to raise capital, because in fact a person keeps the level of his savings, but does not increase it. Investors wishing to increase their income turn to traditional and proven methods of investing, and also look for new ones.

Investments Recognized by Many

Nowadays, investing in Forex is the most effective and relevant way to increase your assets, regardless of the length of the investment period. There are reliable platforms that have useful trading tools, such as forex position size calculator and others, that improve the trading process and help to increase profits on the regular basis.

Comparatively New Direction of Investment

On the other hand, there is a new type of investment that not every investor knows and considers for himself – investments in serials. The giants in this sphere are CBS Corporation, Time Warner, 21st Century Fox and Lionsgate. For example, after the premiere of “Hunger Games” in 2012, Lionsgate shares showed a sharp increase of almost 10%.

At the same time, if the successful premiere of the film is won by the studios that shot it, then in the case of serials, the channel that broadcasts them will benefit more. The successful channel series will attract a large audience, which gives grounds to raise the price of advertising.

How to Choose Stocks

First, let’s introduce some basic concepts by the means of the infographic below.


Investors wishing to earn money on serials should:

  1. Monitor the schedule of premieres.

It often happens that the company is shooting a potentially successful series, one episode of which costs tens of millions of dollars. When several such premieres are expected from the company, its shares may rise in price against this background.

  1. Investors should not be limited to the paper of one manufacturer of the series – it is better to make a whole portfolio of such shares.

It can include both risky (but high-yield) securities, as well as stocks with stable dynamics and a more modest yield. For example, 90% of the portfolio can be allocated to shares of large media corporations like:

– Time Warner,

– The Walt Disney Company,

– Comcast Corporation,

– CBS Corporation.

Netflix shares can be bought on the remaining money.

  1. Investors who are eyeing this sector also need to monitor mergers and acquisitions.

For example, if Netflix has real problems, then at this point it can be merged by Disney. Mind it when buying Netflix shares.

  1. Another parameter, which should be watched by investors, is the number of subscribers.

If in its statements the media concern reports a reduction in the audience or a slowdown in its growth – for the investor this is a serious reason to be on the alert.

In general, the choice for investors in this sphere is not very large. Opportunities to find interesting undervalued shares are becoming less – over the past few years, competition in the market has grown significantly, as the production of expensive serials is put on stream. That’s why most investors still prefer Forex. Investments in Forex can open for you a whole world of new profit opportunities.

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