Arbitao – The Platform That Finds the Risk-Free Arbitrage Opportunities

Arbitrage trading is at the heart of cryptocurrencies. It is perhaps one of the most effective methods for acquiring wealth using cryptocurrencies. The sad thing though is that conventionally, only a minority have the resources necessary to engage in the activity. It is a risky process due to the instability of cryptocurrencies. It is an expensive process because one has to invest in various cryptocurrency markets not only to increase one’s chances of making the most amount of money but also not to lose money. Only bankers and investors who are loaded are the ones who can manage to engage in this trade. However, that is how things used to be done before Arbitao. Arbitao not only gives everyone an opportunity to participate in arbitrage trading but it does so in a safe, secure, and risk-free manner. Care to know the specifics?

It’s Secure and Risk-Free

Arbitrage involves buying cryptocurrency from one market and then selling it in other markets at a higher price. That automatically translates to profits. Conventionally, one would need the knowledge of the various cryptocurrency markets, have the money to invest in the markets, and cross fingers that everything will go well. To invest in several markets, you would need a lot of money. The average person doesn’t have access to that kind of money.

This means that for one to participate in arbitrage trading in the conventional method, one would need to have time, money, and the know-how to be successful. The problem though is that even if you made profits, chances are that you may be wealthy in cryptocurrencies that are valued today but worthless tomorrow. You also stand the chance of losing all your money due to the unstable nature of cryptocurrencies. You may invest in a cryptocurrency that seems promising only for it to become worthless to the point of being wiped out of the market. It is a tough world out there and only those who have the money to risk survive.

Nevertheless, Arbitao is here to level the playing field for everyone. The CTO of the enterprise, Karel Mirrin, highlights that the company aims to transform the world’s financial infrastructure to make it more transparent, inclusive, and rewarding to all stakeholders. Firstly, Arbitao eliminates the need to have money, time, and a working knowledge of the cryptocurrency markets. Using their system, all you need is an account with the company, learn to do things their way, and regardless of your financial background or knowledge of cryptocurrencies, you can participate in arbitrage trading. The work of knowing which market is which and whether you should work with it, is done with the system. All you need to do is follow the suggestions of their system and you can double your investments in just 8 months.

Furthermore, Arbitao is secure. I’ve indicated severally that cryptocurrencies are unstable in terms of value. This is one of the things that makes arbitrage trading a risky process. Nonetheless, Arbitao uses a system that converts any profits you make into dollars. Why dollars? Simple, the dollar is usually stable. So regardless of whether the cryptocurrencies rise or fall in value, whatever profits you made will still stay the same in value. Things wouldn’t be the same if your money had been saved in the form of a particular cryptocurrency, and then its value goes down. You can see that you would just be in possession of a lot of worthless currency. By converting your profits to dollars, the value of your profits stays the same.

It’s Fast and Reliable

Arbitao has a state of the art and one of a kind infrastructure that has been designed to reduce latency to facilitate quick arbitrage trades. Their system uses unique algorithms that keep track of the cryptocurrency markets to determine the most profitable trades. The company’s crypto wallet (ATAOwallet) facilitates holding, sending, and receiving coins. Arbitao is a community. When you create an account with them, you become part of that community. You don’t play a passive role because their system is designed to encourage everyone to play an active role. This helps in establishing a growing community that works together to run a decentralized and super-fast arbitrage network. This enables the execution of quick and profitable trades. Try to look for another company that does this.

As from July 2018, Arbitao will be releasing some 800, 000, 000 ATAO-coins (their cryptocurrency) into the cryptocurrency world. This will facilitate arbitrage trading, particularly within the company’s platform. If you get the value of arbitrage trading, you may want to secure some of these coins for yourself. Nowhere else will you get to do arbitrage the way it’s done in the Arbitao platform. If you want fast, secure, and risk-free arbitrage trading, you’ll be kidding yourself if you look any further.

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