Silverpeak Life Sciences bringing a revolution in the marijuana industry

Historical Background

It was in the year 2009 when medical marijuana was legalized in Colorado, a state in the Western United States. Birthed from the beliefs of responsible utilization of cannabis for medicinal purposes was Silverpeak Life Sciences Uruguay Inc, one of the renowned companies in the medical marijuana industry. Founded by Jordan Lewis, a doctor of Veterinary medicines, what started as a licensed store in Colorado for dispensary applications in 2010, went on to become an expanse of cannabis products andits cultivating operations to curate a class apart shopping experience. Cultivations grew manifold,and sophisticated manufacturing facilities were established in Carbondale, Colorado.

Silverpeak’s Beliefs

At the heart of Silverpeak’s value system lays the integral importance of providing the finest grown cannabis products to customers. It brings forth a wonderful journey of seed to fruition in terms of sensational customer experience. Silverpeak strongly upholds the value of social responsibility through respecting the growth process and educating the masses about the medicinal and recreational uses of cannabis in a responsible manner. A culture of togetherness dominates the scene at Silverpeak and employees come together and contribute their share of work and expertise in evolving the cannabis community. Every activity undertaken at Silverpeak is to motivate, educate and enlighten the stakeholders towards the greater good.

Facilities at Silverpeak

Silverpeak has established a farm environment conducive to growing and combines the essential ingredients of natural sunlight, fresh air and the purest water drawn from mountains into harvesting premium quality cannabis.

Embodied with state of the art grow rooms to propel consistency and quality, the 25000 square foot facility is fully automated and airlocked to prevent any kind of contamination. The systemic environmental monitoring and control provisions are reflected in the quality ventilation systems, and the products are sterilized on a timely basis to remove impurities if any.

The starting point to achieving any premium cannabis product begins with the selection of genes which will produce desirable outcomes. Through the journey, plants are carefully assessed on the basis of their health, potency, taste, among other considerations and conscientiously checked for the external environment such as temperature, humidity. They are then, cured, climate-controlled and hand cultivated by a meticulous team of growers resulting in happy and healthy buds.

Products Offered

  • Flowers: Silverpeak’s beautiful and quality cultivation is reflected in the flowers it produces. From core strains to handcrafted seasonal ones, Silverpeak brings to its beholder’s plethora of genetically bred varieties. Cheese quake Indica, Blue dream Sativa, ChemDawg Hybrid are some of the varieties, to mention a few.
  • Pre-rolls: Silverpeak offers cannabis products for recreational purposes. It brings out many pre-roll varieties such as bubble infused strains, the standard and mini-sized pre-rolls and has a lot of options for the customers to choose from.
  • Cartridges: Silverpeak brings out its own range of solvent-free cartridges. Pure oil cartridges are its speciality, infusing pure Co2 oil extracted from Silverpeak’s premium quality flowers. Dragon Sativa and Purple Dog Hybrid are some of the collections of cartridges.
  • Tincture: Tincture drops are one of the specialities of Silverpeak Life Sciences Uruguay Inc, unlike other tincture drops, the ones produced by Silverpeak do not contain alcohol and are formulated out of pure coconut oil for soothing skin and taste. The medicinal ingredient is not infused with any genetically modified organism and brings faster benefits.

Silverpeak has also taken to wholesale platforms for providing trimmed and perfectly cured flowers.

Stores and Shopping

Silverpeak went retail by establishing its store in Aspen, Colorado. The store was set up with the purpose of educating customers about the need for using quality cannabis for recreational purpose and offers its premium products.

The bright, educational and inviting set up of the place resonates completely and truly with the brand’s identity. With reasonable prices and welcoming and professional staff, this upscale dispensary is a go to for purchasing quality cannabis products.

Concerns Addressed

With the sustainable development garnering huge concerns in all industrial, agricultural and service-oriented practices, Silverpeak is all in. It roots for the idea of ensuring environmental sustainability in every product it produces and every facility deployed to do so.

By not depending fully on artificial and energy-intensive mechanisms, Silverpeak makes the best out of renewable natural resources it is surrounded by. It has tapped into utilizing abundant natural sunshine in Colorado to water and fresh air the mountains serve. Drawing from the principles of the circular economy, all green waste that is produced is given back to nature by composting to be reused and recycled for future cultivation cycles.

Business Prospects

Silverpeaks is in the news for quite some time now. The cannabis producing company is in talks with several investors regarding scaling production so as to propagate setting up extraction labs. Talks are going regarding permits to ship cannabis flower and extracts to other nations.

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