Who Gets Mentioned in Forbes Magazine?

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Perhaps, seeing your name in Forbes magazine could be an accomplishment. Not all people have such kind of opportunity, but before anything else, you’re probably asking yourself this question: “Who gets mentioned Forbes Magazine?” The usual answer for this would be those who are influential, who’ve already contributed something to the society and to the business world. Well, truth be told, those who are featured in this magazine are a variety of individuals, not just those who have left a “mark.”

As a matter of fact, even freelance writers can have their works published in Forbes.com and, believe it or not, it is something quite common. Though, those who are not familiar with the ropes on who gets mentioned in Forbes Magazine can find this amazing.

Some people might even ask, how you managed to do that. There’s no secret formula. You could easily be featured in Forbes magazine if you want to.

The Forbes Magazine

Before anything else, let’s talk about this publication. Forbes Magazine is one of the long-running and well-respected publications in the US. B.C. Forbes, the founder of Forbes magazine, used to be a leading writer for the Hearst Newspapers in Scotland and founded his publication in 1917.

Forbes Magazine is published every two weeks and it offers more than fifty succinctly written articles, featuring different kinds of people in different walks of life. These articles and columns give a thorough examination of people who are mentioned in Forbes Magazine. They could be CEO’s, employees, well-known companies, and the list goes on. Likewise, Forbes is considered to be a pro-business magazine, but it still tries its best to be conservative in the political viewpoint.

Forbes Magazine Cover

The Business Section

In this section, you find articles that offer insights on marketing, finances, and even science and technology. Moreover, you can also come across several ideas provided by business people, the backgrounds of the companies they’re representing, as well as the communication methods, places to invest, etc.

The Readers

Forbes Magazine tries its best to reach out and touch the lives of more than five million readers worldwide. Overtime, most of the columns have been focused on the lives of readers. Steve Forbes, operates a column called “Fact and Comment,” this section has gained the interest of the readers. In fact, it has became a regular part of the magazine and continues to gather a great deal of commentaries from the readers community.

The Top-List Articles

One of the most attention-grabbing aspects in Forbes Magazine is the top-list. In this section, you can discover a list of the most wealthy individuals on earth, and the largest, most influential companies that continue to grow. Also, most businessmen and corporations subscribe to Forbes Magazine and consider it a trustful resource as important as the Wall Street Journal. Ideas, advice, commentaries, are gathered from Forbes; investors use this information to decide on how to invest their money and what markets they must avoid.

Furthermore, there have been several instances where Forbes Magazine managed to address sensational stories, such as the wealth of Castro.

Crafting the Query

For those who want to be featured in this magazine, but who are also aware that they don’t have outstanding contributions to share, it’s still possible to do that. Though, for that to happen, it’s vital to send a query letter first. A one-page document that talks about the proposed article you want them to publish, the length, the sources, the references, and past experiences when it comes to writing.

For those who are interested in being featured in the blog section, there’s a tendency that the editors will want to review the final document before they accept it.


If you never received the response you have been waiting for, this doesn’t mean that the editors didn’t like your article. Thus, there’s also the possibility that your work was lost in the shuffle.

Give it a two to three weeks and send a follow-up email or a telephone call to remind the editors about your inquiry. Don’t forget to attach a copy of your original work, just in case the query you had sent before, was lost.


If you’re among of the lucky ones who managed to get featured in the Forbes Magazine, it’s best to do your part and promote it. This would just build up your credibility, while increasing the chances of having the editors to seek for you in the future. If the article you’ve written is featured online, it will be great to post the link on social networking sites, in order to get more exposure. Likewise, don’t forget to encourage people to leave comments on your work.

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