Tate Britain: Contemporary Art of London

Contemporary Art of LondonThe Tate Britain in London is one of the most celebrated galleries in London of contemporary art. Artist and Empire is certainly a top draw. Make sure you have your plans ready for an artistic trip.

London has always been associated with art and culture. The English capital is one of the most well known and most popular tourist hotspots in the world. The city is known for being the royal capital of England and has also been the centre of many art revolutions that took place over the years. If you are visiting London anytime, you will notice the close relation the city has with different forms of art. There are numerous museums all across the city. Besides the various historical artefacts, these museums are also home to a number of art displays. Art galleries and exhibits are present in abound in the English capital. If you are an art enthusiast, you will certainly have a gala time exploring art from various times all across the city.

While speaking of art galleries and exhibits, we cannot miss out Tate Britain. It is one of the most renowned galleries in all of London and is home to one of the largest collection of art works in all of Britain. The gallery is creating a sensation across the city with the very different theme than any other in the city. It is aiming towards creating an exhibition, Artist and Empire, which is focussing on the effect of the British Empire on global art. The gallery also focuses on how the presence of the Empire actually shaped up art in Britain, the influence that can be seen till this date. Victorian style has always been mesmerising to many people across the world. It is one of the signatures of the British Empire.

The Tate Britain was established by Sir Henry Tate, a philanthropic sugar merchant. The first one, Tate Britain, was established by the River Thames and offers not only spectacular collection of artworks but also has a breathtaking view of the River Thames. The Tate gallery has spread its wings across the country and there are in three more galleries present at the moment adding to its legacy. However, even now, the most celebrated one remains the Tate Britain. It has a collection of artworks dating back to the 1500s and extends to the current date. The gallery is home to a huge collection of British artwork. Ever since its inception in 1857 it has housed paintings of Rossetti, Blake, Stubbs, and Spencer. The Turner’s Prize, which happens to be one of the most prestigious prizes for contemporary art, is hosted by the Tate Britain. The Turner’s Gallery has been named after the painter himself and has been designed to match the room in which Turner showcased his arts.

With the Artist and Empire show creating a global sensation, the number of tourists visiting London to take a tour through the gallery is quite high. If you are planning a trip to London to be witness to this wonderful show, you might wish to get a booking at one of the best hotels near Piccadilly Circus. Piccadilly Circus is one of the prime locations within the city. It is connected via the underground tube network, which happens to be one of the most convenient and efficient ways of commuting within London. The location also makes it easier for a person staying at this area to get to any other part of the city within a short time. London West End hotel deals will come in handy for you to get a decent accommodation within your budget. Whatever be the budget, you will certainly get a deal that will suit yours. With numerous accommodation options available all across the capital, there are plenty of choices, however, do get the reservation well in advance.

While checking out Tate Britain, you will have enough option to enjoy a lot of London within a short distanced from the gallery. There are quite a few special attractions that are not too far away from the Tate. Millbank Tower or Vickers Tower is located close to the exhibition. It is a skyscraper that will offer you a spectacular view of the River Thames and the surrounding area. If you have not been able to enjoy a ride on the London Eye, either due to unavailability of the ticket or due to the extremely high charge for the ticket, you will love this view. It is one of the most spectacular offerings of this area of Westminster. The Garden Museum is one fine place to be. It is located in the St Mary-at-Lambeth church, which has been restored, and is adjacent to the Lambeth Palace. The view of the Thames from the garden is spellbinding. What sets it apart from much other attraction in the city is that this museum is actually display of the development of gardening in Britain. It is quite a fascinating tale and a colourful one as well. However, there is entry fee to get into the garden. Unlike many museums, as well as the Tate Britain, the garden is not free, unless the person entering is a kid who is below or of 16 years.

You can never separate London and shopping. It is a shopper’s paradise and has a whale of options, no matter your choice and preference. Even when you are checking out Artist and Empire, you will be able to get many prints of the original masterpieces and various forms of art at the Tate Gallery. If you venture out, you will find the wine merchants of Westminster. Needless to say, wine of London is one of the finest in the world. Even if customs do not allow you to take it to your own country, you can always enjoy a few special drinks in the city. Taking back a bottle of wine to your hotel might be a great idea. It will be the perfect ending to a grand artistic day.

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