Best Places to Experience the Sunset in London

Out of all the pleasurable things in life, there are a few things that happen to be the priceless moments that money cannot buy. It is about taking a leisurely stroll with the love of your life along the banks of a beautiful river, having a wonderful chat with your friends or bringing a smile on someone’s face.

If you are a die-hard romantic and truly wish to make your upcoming vacation with your better half as much exquisite as desired, then you can surely consider looking ahead to check out the various ways by means of which the trip can become romantic.

There are several fascinating places to visit in the world and London is considered to be quite a romantic place to be seen at. There are lakes, rivers, hilltops, palaces, park-lands, gardens and several other majestic sights and attractions that you can truly look ahead to explore during your upcoming vacation break.

If you are wondering about the romantic spots where you can take your partner to then you can surely consider taking him or her to the best spots in the city from where seeing the glorious sunset could get easier. London is a haven for leisure seekers. With a plethora of travel attractions to explore in London, it is going to get really hard for any person to create a marvellous vacation that you would love to enjoy throughout the time. You are surely going to enjoy every bit of the time while you are here. If it has been a long time that you have not gone out with your partner and truly look forward to enjoy every single bit of the trip then you can surely consider exploring the best of the vacation moments in the city of London. Book yourself one of the M by Montcalm Shoreditch Tech City and you can be assured to have some impeccable fun.

Sunsets are truly unique and you can never have the same experience twice. Nothing beats the restrained glory of a blooming red sunset in the dream city of London. The English capital has some of the best places of interests in the European Union from where it gets eccentric to witness the sunset. It is truly impossible to beat the mesmerizing sunset from the towering Shard. You will never forget the experience that you are going to have while watching out for the setting sun at the Primrose Hill.

Stay at one of the luxury rooms in Shoreditch and consider checking out the below mentioned travel paradises. If you are sincerely looking forward for a glorious treat while vacationing in the city of dreams then you can consider exploring the following 5 spots from where it will get easier to wealth the sunset in London.

Primrose Hill at the Regent’s Park


This area happens to be home to some of the most exclusive residences in the English capital. It gets easier to see all of Central London from the top of the Primrose Hill which seems to be splaying at your feet. It feels majestic to witness the sky above you and the city below right from here. Make sure to explore the seven English Heritage blue plaques in the Belsize Park and Hampstead that commemorate every joyful moment in the mot ecstatic manner. You can also look ahead to take a leisurely stroll around the Victorian neighbourhood that will help you to take in the mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding in a wondrous manner.

You can see the sunset with the love of your life and it is going to be truly magical to witness the shimmering greens of the Northern lights draping across a Nordic night just as the sunset does. You can consider embracing the lavender sky as it drapes across the rolling fields of the Primrose Hill.

Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge

It is considered as one of the pedestrian bridges in London and was opened in the year 2000. It was nicknamed as the Wobbly Bridge after the participants in a charity walk had noticed a worrying swaying motion only two days after the opening of the bridge. The wobble has been eliminated right after and at present it serves as the best way to get between the Globe Theatre and St. Paul’s Cathedral. There is absolutely nothing like seeing the English capital sink over the pristinely lowing River Thames. It feels magical to witness the sun setting below the horizon and the skyscraper lights slowly flickering to life around it.

London Eye

London Eye sunset

The tallest Ferris wheel in Europe is considered as the second highest viewing point in the English capital. It wonderfully stands at a 135 meters tall height and is the single most popular paid attraction in the United Kingdom. Each and every capsule holds up to 25 people who can walk around or sit over as desired. The wheel continues to rotate at about 10 inches every second and is slow enough for passengers to hop on and off at the around level without the Wheel ever stopping.

The View from The Shard

The Shard sunset

The Shard is the tallest building in the European Union and has the tallest point from where the visitors get to watch the London sunset. It was envisioned at the premier landmark of London letting people marvel on some o the wondrous panoramic views of the city skyline. The panorama alone is worth the money that you have to put in for securing the view. It is a great place to watch out for the stars and the moon that appears to be close enough to be touch. Enjoy a romantic moment on top of the world.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park siunset

It is considered as the most amazingly captivating travel destinations that as got all of it what it may take to make your vacation as enriching as desired. It feels majestically pleasurable to explore the best of the holiday moments in the world that will eventually make you fall in love all over again with the person you cannot live without.

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