Dentist vs. Orthodontist: Similarities and Differences

Orthodontics is a branch of Dentistry. Orthodontists are the much-experienced dentists that help you correct your teeth and jaws. The teeth that are crooked and that could be hard to clean can be straightened up non-surgically by the experienced dentists called orthodontists. Dentists, surgically, remove and replace your teeth and provide oral hygiene and services.

Many at times, people confuse a dentist to an orthodontist. Some think that a dentist could solve problems like crooked teeth, improper jaws, teeth gaps, etc. lead to problems in chewing or the food getting stuck between the teeth, tooth decays, germs that linger around plus eat your teeth, pain in the gums, headaches, and so on.


Here are five points you should know of an orthodontist, who helps you keep your teeth healthy, natural and long-lasting.

  1. Educational Background

The primary practice to become a dentist or an orthodontist is usually the same. Both should have a bachelor’s degree. Then can apply to an accredited dental school that includes a four-year doctoral program or course.

After this four-year course, a dentist has the freedom to establish a practice. After this, the dentist has to serve an extensive two to three-year full-time university-based education in an orthodontic residency. The specialist thus completes around ten to eleven years of higher education practicing in their specialty before achieving the designation of an orthodontist. All dentists working at Pauly Dental Group are specialists with PhD.

  1. Oral Issues and Oral Care

Dentists mostly look after the cleaning of your teeth and gums. They perform routine dental checkups and X-rays. They could also remove and repair the teeth, fill in cavities or create dentures. Dentists also work on filling the bridges between the teeth. In case you have further dental problems that the dentist may not be able to solve, they will suggest you to an orthodontist.

There are several reasons to visit the orthodontist, including checking your X-ray, going through your dental report, cleaning your teeth, etc. An orthodontist specializes in the correction of your teeth through non-surgical methods. They are able to detect, diagnose, prevent, and treat any kind of tooth and jaw related problems like bad bites or malocclusions.

  1. Services Provided

Dentists mostly encourage oral hygiene and care. For example, dentists check up on tooth decays, root canals, whitening of the teeth, crowns, gum problems, etc. Dentists usually replace your teeth with other materials that look like another tooth. These might need frequent checks and visits with the dentist, in order to replace them again or get them changed.

An orthodontist can fix issues related to your jaw, misaligned or crooked teeth, underbites, overbites, crossbites, crowded teeth, etc. Orthodontists mostly fix and keep your natural teeth just as they are. This is the main reason why they use wire like braces for your teeth. They too might need frequent checks but gradually the visit with your orthodontist will end. This is a big benefit of visiting your orthodontists during such teeth and jaw issues.

  1. Appliances And Treatments

Appliances of the orthodontists include braces, retainers, wires, and further on. Orthodontists also have to keep up with the latest technology.

You can have a variety of braces as well. For example, metal braces, ceramic ones, lingual braces and invisible braces are the most common kinds of braces available. There are some lesser known braces such as Damon braces, forsus appliances, palatal expanders, etc.

The need of braces depends on the condition of your teeth and the issue related to the same. Sometimes you could mistake a minor tooth problem to a need to rush to the orthodontist.

  1. Impact On Life

Children as young as seven-year-olds are paying visits to their dentists and orthodontists to help them correct their jaws and teeth for better and effective speaking and chewing. Teenagers are not shy to visit their doctors for the same reason as well. Young adults and matured adults also look for ways to visit the specialists to have a better appearance and smile.

If problems related to the teeth are not corrected on time, they could damage the teeth and gums soon. These problems can affect a person’s overall health as well.

Teeth that are not proper could make you feel less confident. But now you have an orthodontist to the rescue! They could be a bit costly than the dentist, but they provide naturally healthy teeth for the long run. Orthodontists are like a magician for the teeth.

You might be aware of the famous saying, “One bad apple can spoil the barrel”. Similarly, one bad tooth can spoil the rest of your teeth and you could end up toothless if you do not get them checked soon and from time to time.

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